The Leaside Neighbourhood Transportation Plan will identify, prioritize and recommend short, medium and long-term improvements to traffic operations and road design to support safety for all modes of transportation, including people walking, cycling and driving.

The Leaside Neighbourhood Transportation Plan will address three areas of concern:

  1. Road safety for vulnerable road users (e.g. seniors, school children, people walking and cycling)
  2. Excessive speeding
  3. Cut-through traffic from outside the neighbourhood


The Leaside Neighbourhood Transportation Plan project area is located between Bayview Avenue to the west, Glenvale Boulevard/Kildeer Cres/Rykert Crescent to the north, Don River/Laird Drive to the east and the rail corridor to the south.

Map of Boundary for Leaside Neighbourhood Mobility Plan.
Map of Boundary for Leaside Transportation Mobility Plan

The goal of this Neighbourhood Transportation Plan (NTP) is to improve the safety outcomes for people travelling to, from and within the project area by all modes.  Through this plan, the City is working to:

  • Confirm and quantify the traffic issues present in the neighbourhood
  • Identify evidence-based short and longer-term safety interventions, including quick wins
  • Ensure the interventions are supported by the community

Traffic and safety concerns identified include:

  • cut-through traffic
  • excessive vehicular speeding
  • excessive vehicular volume on local roads
  • non-compliance of traffic regulations by road users
  • atypical geometric roadway design of intersections and road curves.

To date, there have been traffic calming service requests, stop signs, roundabouts, speed reductions and safety assessments.  Automated Speed Enforcement results also show high rate of violations.

What is a Neighbourhood Transportation Plan?

A typical Neighbourhood Transportation Plan:

  • Identifies short-term improvements that can be implemented in one to five years, as well as a longer-term vision for projects over five years into the future.
  • Considers a holistic approach to assess network-wide transportation needs for all road users, and coordinates with existing and future road construction.
  • Employs a neighbourhood perspective to develop solutions that, together, support local objectives for mobility and safety.

Council Decisions

In 2019, a motion was approved at North York Community Council for the plan.

A virtual public meeting was held on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

A record of the meeting discussion will be posted shortly.

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