Parking restrictions will be in place starting at 7 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at Marie Curtis Park, Humber Bay Park West and Cherry Beach. Parking at Bluffers’ Park will also close at 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Before going to a beach, users must do the Ontario Ministry of Health self-assessment for COVID-19 and if they do not pass the assessment, they should not use the beach. Learn more about using park and recreation facilities during COVID-19.

Many of Toronto’s waterfront parks have sand or cobble beaches for you to enjoy. Soak up the lakeside atmosphere, come for a picnic or some beach volleyball!

Swimming Beaches

10 of the 11 beaches are open. Rouge Valley Beach is currently inaccessible, and a supervised swim program will not operate there.

These beaches are perfect for taking a swim during the hot summer. The Blue Flag is flown at beaches that meet high standards for water quality, environmental management, environmental education, and safety. Check beach water quality, stay in swim zones and find out how to be safe on the beach.

Bylaws and Fines

Social Distancing

People must practise physical distancing and avoid crowding when at a beach or park.

Under the City’s physical distancing bylaw, any two people who

  • are in a park, beach or public square and
  • don’t live together and
  • fail to keep two metres of distance between them

can receive a $1,000 ticket.

Provincial orders restricting gatherings of more than 10 people who are not members of the same household are in effect. People should adhere to Toronto Public Health’s advice to stay within their social circle of no more than 10 people.


There are a high number of visitors to Toronto’s parks and beaches. Keep your litter off the ground. Please dispose of waste in bins, or take it home with you.

Report hazardous debris/garbage to 311 for clean-up.

Residents are reminded that bonfires, the consumption of alcohol and littering are not permitted in parks, beaches or public spaces. Enforcement officers will issue tickets related to the consumption of alcohol and bonfires, with fines of up to $300.

Those found littering will face fines up to $500.

Beach season is June to September

When a beach is open:

  • the beach is supervised and maintained from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • washrooms and other facilities are open

When a beach is closed:

  • the beach is not supervised or maintained
  • washrooms and other facilities may be closed

Swimming without the supervision of a lifeguard or outside designated swim areas is not recommended.

Title Description
Bluffer's Beach


Parking is available*. For a list of all facilities, visit Bluffer’s Park and Beach.

*Parking lots fill up very quickly on weekends! When the lots are full, visitors must walk into the park along Brimley Road from Barkclene Hills Road.

Centre Island Beach


Take the ferry to get to Centre Island. For a list of all facilities, visit Centre Island Park.

Cherry/Clarke Beach


Parking is available. For a list of all facilities, visit Cherry/Clarke Beach Park.

Gibraltar Point Beach


Take the ferry to get to Centre Island.

Hanlan's Point Beach



Take the ferry to get to Hanlan’s Point.

This beach is clothing-optional. For a list of all facilities, visit Hanlan’s Point Park.

Kew-Balmy Beach


Parking is available in Balmy Beach Park. For a list of all facilities, visit Kew Gardens.

Marie Curtis Park East Beach


Parking is available. For a list of all facilities, visit Marie Curtis Park.

Rouge Beach

Closed – The beach and the parking lots are accessible. Swimming is not permitted due to hazards in the water. For the most up to date information on the removal of the hazards on this beach, please visit Parks Canada.

For a list of all facilities, visit Rouge Beach Park.

Sunnyside Beach


For a list of all facilities, visit Sunnyside Park.

Ward's Island Beach


Take the ferry to get to Ward’s Island.

For a list of all facilities, visit Ward’s Island Park.

Woodbine Beach


Accessibility: A beach wheelchair can be rented for free by calling 311 and picked-up at the Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Pool. Note: Due to large, smooth tires, wheelchairs can’t be pushed manually and require a support person.

This beach has expanded mesh plastic mats reaching all the way to the water’s edge

For a list of all facilities, visit Woodbine Beach Park.