At the beginning of the Moss Park Revitalization Project, City staff were directed to complete a feasibility study for a revitalized Moss Park to better serve the community. This project has been ongoing for a number of years, and significant work has been completed; however, after extensive analysis, the partnership leading the Moss Park Revitalization Project, which includes the City of Toronto, The 519, and a philanthropic partner, has come to the conclusion that the project, as envisioned, is not feasible at this time and will not move forward in its current form.

While the project in its current form will not be going ahead, the project partners remain committed to supporting the Moss Park community, through programs, services and consideration of other potential city-building opportunities. The John Innes Community Recreation Centre and Moss Park will continue to be operated and maintained by the City. The Moss Park Arena Board will continue to provide recreational skating and hockey programs to the community. The 519 will continue to offer its broad range of community-based programs in the area.

The City recognizes that investment in this area is required, and to that end the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division is advancing their Facilities Master Plan Implementation Strategy, which identifies John Innes Community Recreation Centre as a priority revitalization facility. City Council adopted this report on October 29, 2019, with amendments.

The new project scope will look at the Community Recreation Centre, the park and the arena as a whole, and will be finalized after the 2020 budget process ends in early 2020. The budget will be considered at the February 27, 2020, City Council.

Significant community consultation has been completed, and a review of that material, as well as the work completed to date on the project, will inform a future proposal and funding strategy for the revitalization in order to continue to meet the growing service needs of the Downtown East community.