A list of community engagement meetings along with summaries, recordings and presentation materials.

The City of Toronto has partnered with the Jane Finch Community and Family Centre to facilitate community engagement for the Jane Finch Initiative. The Jane Finch Centre responded to a request for expressions of interest for a local facilitation team and will be working collaboratively with several community groups in the area to conduct engagement activities with support from City staff.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a group of community members selected in part through a civic lottery to reflect local diversity. The CAC provides community oversight and accountability in the approach to engagement and in the development of the integrated plans.

Autumn 2022 Pop-ups

September to October 2022 Pop-up Engagement Summary

Arts and Culture Public Forum

Meeting Summary – August 9, 2022

Summer 2022 Pop-ups

June to July 2022 Pop-up Engagement Summary

Artists’ Collective

Meeting Summary – June 29, 2022

Inclusive Economic Development

Meeting Summary – June 22, 2022

Phase 1 Engagement Summary Report – December 2021

Phase 1 Engagement Summary Report

Virtual Public Meeting #3 – November 30, 2021

Local Businesses

Grassroots Groups

Heritage Focus Groups

Confronting Anti-Black Racism (CABR)

Firgrove Revitalization

Arts and Culture

Inclusive Economic Opportunities Round Table

Agency Cluster

Jane Finch Hub Organizing Committee



Virtual Public Meeting #2: Visioning Workshop – May 11, 2021

Virtual Public Meeting #1 – November 23, 2020