The Market Gallery animates the second floor of the South St. Lawrence Market, which encloses all that remains of Toronto’s original 19th-century Front Street City Hall council chamber, operating from 1845-1899. The historic site presents a variety of changing exhibits related to the art, culture and history of Toronto. The gallery’s signature fan windows, which once overlooked Toronto’s harbour, today overlook the main floor of the market featuring various food vendors.

The Market Gallery includes: 1,955 square-feet of display space on the second floor; and 1,700 square-feet of office, workroom and storage space on the third floor for a total of 3,655 square-feet.

Visitors can explore the sights and sounds of the historic market with a visit to the Market Gallery, which offers a treasure chest of collections, exhibits and educational programs. For current and upcoming exhibit information, please click on the Exhibitions and Events link below.

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Current exhibit: Notes in the Night: The History of Toronto Jazz Clubs since 1946

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