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This Women’s History Month, HerStory celebrates the lives of empowering, resilient and strong women who have played a significant role in Toronto’s past, present and future.


Explore the city with HistoricTO, a cultural experience connecting local communities through diverse perspectives. Join time-ticketed guided tours or take a self-guided neighbourhood tour.


Experience Toronto’s many stories through the Awakenings program, a series of art projects created within Toronto History Museums by Black, Indigenous and artists of colour, operating under the principles of anti-oppression, anti-colonialism, and anti-racism.

Explore an unseen view. Awaken a new perspective. Join the conversation. Learn more below and view the full Awakenings program on YouTube.

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Visitors are asked to reserve timed-entry tickets online in advance.

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Past, Present & Future

Meet us at the intersection of countless viewpoints of the city’s past, present and future.

Black and white portrait of Salome Bey


Cupped hands holding many small blue beads; another hand reaching in to pick up one of the blue beads.

HistoricTO Tours

Woman's face adorned with gold chains across checks from middle of forehead to behind both ears and a flower at temple

Luminary: Mary Ann Shadd

Multiple people with blue and green lights


Light projections onto historic buildings of a hand holding a quill and a woman surrounded by flowers

We Were Always Here

Futuristic artist rendering of a person set against a black space-like background, with white gauzy patterns and molecular structures floating about.

Superbloom: An Emancipation Story