Behind the worn green doors of this museum is a school frozen in time. The wooden desks, still carved with messages from the past and names of former students, sit empty waiting for you.

Zion Schoolhouse offers visitors a chance to experience a day at school circa 1910. Imagine what it’s like to take class not only with your friends, but every kid in the neighbourhood including all your siblings.

Schoolchildren and teachers alike can see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same in the last 110 years of education in Toronto. Immerse yourself in a day of education and fun at this hidden gem in the north-end of the city.

Driving Directions

The Schoolhouse is located on Finch Avenue just east of Leslie Street. There is parking available in the suburban area south of the site.

By Transit

Take the Finch East bus from Finch Station. There is an easy school bus and car drop-off on Trudy Road. For specific TTC route and schedule information call 416-393-4636 (INFO) or visit the TTC website.