Interested in becoming a Women4ClimateTO mentee or mentor? Connect with us. Applications for the next cohort open October 30, 2024.

About Women4Climate Toronto

The Women4Climate Toronto Mentorship Program empowers and supports female climate leaders who are working to develop and implement innovative solutions to address the climate emergency in Toronto.

Twelve women have been selected to join Toronto’s 2024 cohort of the Women4Climate Toronto Mentorship Program. Through a combination of mentoring, training and networking opportunities, participants will be provided with the resources and supports necessary to take their climate-related project, product or business start-up to the next level. Upon successful completion of the mentorship program, participants will receive a $500 honorarium to help advance their climate action initiative.

Following the mentorship program, the City of Toronto and its partners will host a pitch competition that will recognize the top three climate-related projects with the greatest potential to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable and resilient urban future in Toronto. The women with the top three projects will receive a cash award and additional support to advance their work. The winner will receive $20,000 and two runners-up will each receive $5,000.

Key Dates

Applications open: October 30, 2023

Applications close: November 20, 2023

Application screening and candidate interviews: November 21, 2023 – December 15, 2023

Mentoring, training and networking: January 2024 – May 2024

Pitch competition: June 2024

Over the course of six months, participants will benefit from a combination of mentoring, training and networking opportunities. As a participant, you will:

  • Meet with three different mentors for one-on-one mentoring sessions. Your mentors will be comprised of leaders from the business sector, public sector, international organizations or academic institutions. Each of your mentors will have a different area of expertise that will provide you with a variety of insights to help accelerate the advancement of your project or business venture.
  • Participate in four Knowledge Labs to help accelerate your project plans. Topics include:
    • Toronto’s climate action strategy
    • Business and financial planning
    • Marketing and communications strategies
    • Preparing the perfect pitch
  • Connect and build relationships with your fellow mentees and mentors at three networking events, featuring prominent speakers and influencers.
  • Receive a $500 honorarium, upon successfully completing the mentorship program.

Following the mentorship program, the City of Toronto and its partners will host a pitch competition where the women with the top three projects will receive a cash award and additional support to advance their work. The winner will be awarded $20,000 and two runner-up projects will receive $5,000 each.

Eligible candidates must:

  • Identify as women, Trans women, or 2-Spirit,
  • Live, study or work in Toronto or GTA.
  • Have an established climate action project or a start-up business to grow with the support of the Women4ClimateTO Mentorship Program.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.

Toronto’s population is made up of diverse communities and groups. The City of Toronto values the contributions made by all residents and is committed to its motto, “Diversity Our Strength”.

The City of Toronto recognizes the barriers presented by discrimination and the disadvantages faced by equity-deserving groups and vulnerable populations. In particular, the City recognizes the unique status and cultural diversity of Indigenous communities and their right to self-determination.

Women4ClimateTO acknowledges the importance of intersectionality and encourages applications from female-identifying and two-spirited applicants of diverse cultures, races, religions and abilities.

The following individuals are not eligible to apply:

  • City of Toronto employees, members of Council and their immediate families.
  • City of Toronto agency and corporation employees, their board members and members of their immediate families.
  • Members of the mentee selection panel and members of pitch competition jury panel and members of their immediate families.
  • Mentees from the 2023 Women4ClimateTO Mentorship Program cohort.

Your project or start-up business must:

Support the achievement of at least one of the targets or goals identified in these key City strategies*:

  • TransformTO Net Zero Strategy: Toronto’s ambitious climate action strategy lays out a set of long-term, low-carbon goals and strategies to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions and improve our health, grow our economy, and improve social equity.
  • Toronto’s Resilience Strategy: sets out a vision, goals, and actions to help Toronto survive, adapt and thrive in the face of any challenge, including climate change and growing inequities.
  • Involve or engage the Toronto community in local climate action.

*Additional City strategies, plans and initiatives that may contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and/or improvement of Toronto’s resilience include: Biodiversity Strategy; City Asset Management; City Wide Real Estate Transformation; Electric Vehicle Strategy; Green Roof Bylaw; Long-term Waste Management Strategy; Net Zero Existing Buildings Strategy, Parkland Strategy; Pollinator Protection Strategy; Ravine Strategy; Strategic Forest Management Plan; Toronto Green Standard; and Wet Weather Flow Master Plan.

Your project or start-up business must contribute to one or more of the following climate priorities:

  • Sustainable Waste Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Air Quality
  • Circular Economy
  • Biodiversity

All eligible applications will be reviewed by a jury panel.

Apply to the Women4ClimateTO Mentorship Program by completing an online application form. Applications for the 2024 Women4ClimateTO Mentorship program have now closed.

Applying to the Women4Climate Toronto Mentorship Program Competition (the “Competition”) constitutes your acceptance of these Competition Rules.




Monday November 20, 2023: Deadline to submit completed online application form. Applications must be submitted online. Please contact Jessica Chow at for accessibility accommodations. No mail, emailed, or hand-delivered applications will be accepted unless arranged in advance. Only complete applications will be considered.

November 21 – December 5, 2023: Applications will be reviewed and screened.

December 6 – 10, 2023: Interviews of shortlisted candidates.

December 15, 2023: Notification of successful candidates.

The week of January 22, 2024: Official activities of the Women4ClimateTO Mentorship Program begin.

Applicants to the Women4ClimateTO Mentorship Program must be willing to commit to the following:

  • Participation in six months of activities from January 2024 to June 2024
  • To meet assigned mentors for one-on-one mentoring sessions
  • Attend an orientation session and Climate Knowledge Lab workshop scheduled for the week of January 22, 2024
  • Attend at least 80% of scheduled program activities to be eligible to receive a $500 honorarium*. Program activities include:
    • Knowledge Labs
    • Networking sessions
    • and any other scheduled activities or events

*Despite the information above, the provision of the $500 is at the sole discretion of the City and is subject to budget approval. 

  • Participate in the final pitch competition.

 2024 Women4ClimateTO Schedule of Events
2024 Dates Activity
Jan 24 Orientation & Climate Knowledge Lab Workshop (In-person)
Jan 27 – Feb 19 Mentorship Meetings: Climate Mentor (Virtual)
Feb 26 – Apr 7 Mentorship Meetings: Business & Finance Mentor (Virtual)
Mar 4 Networking Event: International Women’s Day (In-person)
Mar 20 Business & Finance Knowledge Lab Workshop (Virtual)
Apr 11 Marketing & Communications Knowledge Lab Workshop (In-person)
Apr 19 – May 19 Mentorship Meetings: Marketing & Communications Mentor (Virtual)
Apr 22 Networking Event: Earth Day (In-person)
May 16 Pitch Preparation Knowledge Lab Workshop (In-person)
June 15 – 16 Pitch Competition (Format to be determined)
June 18 Celebration Event (In-person)


Learn more about these emerging climate leaders and their innovative projects.

Amanda Ottley

Women4climate mentee Amanda Ottley

Zero Hunger

The Zero Hunger app is a digital platform designed to fight food waste and, by extension, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This innovative platform allows for surplus food to be shared within communities, rather than discarded, resulting in direct, positive impacts on our environment. Our application uses an advanced AI recommender system, which intelligently connects community members to the sharing of surplus food.

The Zero Hunger app is intended to function as a closed system within high-density vertical living communities, such as individual buildings or clusters thereof. By addressing food waste—one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions—the Zero Hunger app is a testament to how technology for social good can play a part in addressing climate change.

Elham Shams Zadeh Amiri

Women4Climate mentee Elham Shams Zadeh Amiri


Greenlight revolutionizes wind energy through an integrated wind funnel system inspired by Iranian wind-catchers. This innovative approach elevates wind speed within the funnel, doubling it on average and significantly enhancing power generation compared to traditional turbines. The unit cost of energy in our system is reduced. Beyond technology, Greenlight’s mission extends to uplifting communities worldwide. By prioritizing environmentally friendly solutions, we mitigate ecological impact, foster local job creation and empower remote communities. Our Social Solution emphasizes community engagement, launching educational outreach programs and establishing customer advocacy platforms. To ensure lifelong relationships, we introduce loyalty programs and strategic partnerships, promoting the widespread adoption of renewable energy practices. Greenlight envisions a future where sustainability and social equity coexist, universal access to renewable energy prevails and communities thrive harmoniously with the environment. Join us in investing in a cleaner, brighter world.

Women4limate mentee Christina Elliott

Christina Elliot

Curb the Rain

Curb the Rain aims to create innovative solutions to address intense rainfall events for customers. We are trying to increase the permeability in existing infrastructure to help capture additional stormwater and revolutionize existing stormwater systems that are severely out of date. Our system provides municipalities with an opportunity to help mitigate the effects of intense rainfall events.

We are providing customers with a solution that is comparable in appearance and texture to traditional asphalt and concrete curb solutions with characteristics that make it more durable and resistant to cracking from freeze/thaw cycles inherent in Canadian weather. Our LID also provides added environmental benefits, which include superior water quality and control, which may allow for groundwater recharge, as well as reduced soil erosion and sediment runoff. “Creating Innovation for Flood Mitigation.”

Women4climate mentee Helena Yu

Helena Yu

Toronto Just Climate Resilience

Toronto Just Climate Resilience project takes a data-driven and community-centric approach to enhancing climate resilience and advancing climate justice at marginalized and vulnerable urban communities by simultaneously addressing both acute shocks and chronic stresses. We acknowledge that climate resilient communities must address a spectrum of issues to be truly sustainable and just. By improving availability, access and utilization of climate resilience data and information, we aim to bridge the gap between top-down climate plan and grassroots actions to effectively facilitate data-driven climate resilience decision-making in partnership with communities.

Our intended outcomes are grounded in climate justice, community empowerment and democratization of data:

  1. Informed and Engaged Communities: The project equips communities with knowledge (e.g., existing and emerging climate vulnerabilities and risks), skills (e.g., data literacy, adaptation planning) and tools (e.g., dashboards) they need to understand and address their specific climate resilience needs.
  2. Actionable Insights: The tools developed by the project aim to help communities timely and effectively identify entry points for adaptation interventions/measures.
  3. Community Network Building: The project facilitates connections and collaboration among diverse communities through peer learnings from communities with similar climate vulnerability characteristics, enhancing the collective resilience of communities.

Women4climate mentee Janet Chong-Lee

Janet Chong-Lee

Vial Cycle

Introducing VialCycle – The First Reusable Medication Bottle Program. Reduce plastic waste now with our 100% reusable glass bottle program.

We work closely with our pharmacy partners to ensure sustainable recirculation of prescription vials (promoting a circular economy, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions).

Benefits of VialCycle for pharmacies:

  • Reduce waste
  • Divert millions of plastic bottles from the landfill
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sustainable – bottles are reused indefinitely for its life cycle

Benefits of VialCycle for patients and customers:

  • Be part of the zero waste movement
  • Embrace the reuse mindset instead of recycling
  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
    Women4climate mentee Katherine Festeryga

Katherine Festeryga

Edie Farming

Edie Farming is building Toronto’s first urban commercial rooftop greenhouse. Utilizing the newest machine learning and AI, a closed-loop hydroponic system, and powered entirely on renewable energy, we are leveraging technology to grow the most sustainable produce in the world.

Our greenhouse farms will be built on top of pre-constructed commercial warehouses. By taking advantage of existing infrastructure, this project will not use valuable land or building space that could be used to address the housing crisis and negate the carbon footprint for new builds. Edie Farming will safeguard Toronto’s food systems and provide reliable access to healthy, clean produce year-round without increasing greenhouse gas emissions. This will directly aid in advancing Toronto’s circular economy climate priorities while also addressing the growing concern around social inequality and long-term food insecurity.

Food is at the nexus of all of society’s most pressing problems – climate change, supply chains, social inequality, water and energy shortage, and the housing crisis. Edie Farming aims to have as little additional impact on these spaces as possible, while supporting the creation of a truly sustainable ecosystem.

Women4climate mentee Lisa Amerongen

Lisa Amerongen

The Good Swap

The Good Swap stands as Toronto’s premier monthly clothing exchange, fostering inclusivity across genders, body types, and ages. Our mission is rooted in the drive to combat textile waste and overconsumption while promoting global adherence to ethical and sustainable fashion practices. We actively engage individuals in the conscious fashion movement through impactful swap events, advocacy, and educational initiatives.

Held monthly at the Centre for Social Innovation, this initiative was sparked by Lisa’s personal passion for fashion and her aspiration to instigate change, even if on a smaller scale, within the environmental landscape.

In collaboration with like-minded organizations, The Good Swap has formed meaningful partnerships with entities such as the Centre for Social Innovation, Fashion Revolution Canada, The Personal Care Bank, and others. Our shared values serve as the cornerstone, uniting us in the pursuit of a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

Women4climate mentee Lisa Price

Lisa Price

Net Zero at Home

Having gone through the process of retrofitting her own home and facing a huge learning curve from figuring out green tech to navigating complicated incentive programs, Lisa decided to share that earned knowledge and empower others to take climate action, thus launching a grassroots business called Net Zero at Home.

With a mission to mitigate climate change, Net Zero at Home helps Toronto homeowners reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and save money on their energy bills.

Their services consist of helping homeowners with advice on accessing available retrofit incentives and their respective applications processes, as well as an all-inclusive consulting, contracting, and project management service to complete the project from beginning to end.

Women4climate mentee Haley Anderson

Haley Anderson

Material Matchmaking

Haley Anderson is a Toronto-based innovation designer specializing in Circular Service Design, a unique approach that brings a human-centered perspective to sustainability. Her project focuses on enabling a circular economy in a way that is both tangible and actionable. This involves crafting experiences that benefit community and industry while promoting resource efficiency, from the initial ideation phase to the final implementation through a design process.

Her approach seamlessly integrates sustainability principles with creative design thinking, leading to the development of partnerships, services, and interventions that contribute meaningfully to a better future. The core of Haley’s project targets the construction sector in Toronto, addressing the critical issue of construction, renovation, and demolition waste and embodied carbon. By developing systems for material matchmaking and fostering the reuse of salvaged materials, her initiative seeks to enhance sustainable practices within the construction industry, while finding climate co-benefits for community and nature.

Building on her experiences in urban farming, deconstruction, and reuse market development, she works to salvage and repurpose construction materials to be transformed into green infrastructure such as community gardens or green roofs.

Women4climate mentee Nasim Naderi

Nasim Naderi


Intocharge is a unique woman-owned business in Canada, focusing on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Our work supports the Canadian government’s goals for a sustainable future, especially in the growing EV sector. We started by importing electric supply equipment and soon added specialized consultation and installation services.

In just eight months, we earned licenses from Professional Engineers Ontario and the Electrical Safety Authority, showcasing our commitment to quality, safety, and industry standards. Our project aligns with Canada’s aim for 50% EV sales by 2035 and a full transition to EVs by 2050.

This shift is crucial for reducing carbon emissions. Research shows replacing a gasoline car with an EV can cut about 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per vehicle each year, that translates to taking around 115-140 mature trees to offset these emissions annually. With millions of vehicles in Canada, reaching these targets could significantly lower CO2 emissions.

We make EV charging stations accessible and efficient for both homes and businesses, ensuring our projects contribute to environmental sustainability. Additionally, as a woman-led company, INTOCHARGE breaks barriers in technical fields, empowering women and promoting gender equality in the industry. We’re not just a company but a force for carbon reduction, supporting Canada’s environmental goals and advocating for diversity in electrical and construction professions.
Women4climate mentee Orfelina Millan

Orfelina Millan

Orfe EcoArt Program

The Orfe EcoArt Program is a pioneering initiative dedicated to fostering creativity and environmental responsibility in school-aged children. With a vision to cultivate a new generation of environmentally conscious leaders, the program, including workshops, and the During Lunch and After School Programs, utilizes diverse artistic techniques and reusable materials to unlock students’ creative potential. Aligned with the Ontario Environmental educational curriculum, Orfe introduces students to vital concepts like social responsibility, environmental awareness, and the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Repurpose).

Beyond traditional education, the program actively involves students and families in transforming discarded materials into meaningful artworks, enhancing artistic skills, and instilling a profound understanding of the environmental impact of everyday choices. Serving as a bridge between the environmental curriculum and real-life practices in schools, Orfe aims to make students, families, and communities more environmentally conscious. Addressing the issue of waste generation, the program involves students in art projects made from upcycled materials, contributing to the reduction of overall waste. This comprehensive strategy ensures that the environmental education provided extends beyond theoretical knowledge, transforming it into actionable practices that actively reduce waste and contribute to building a sustainable future.

Orfe collaborates with eco-school teams, contributing to the environmental curriculum and promoting ecological practices in schools through engaging art projects. Through its holistic approach, the program fosters artistic skills and cultivates critical and creative thinking in children, empowering them to become responsible stewards of the planet.

Women4climate mentee Omowunmi Badmus

Omowunmi Badmus

Omo Bamboo Inc

Owner and founder of Omo Bamboo Inc, a zero-waste shop based out of Toronto, where you can find a range of bamboo products, handmade soaps and body butters, as well as minimalist textured art and cement crafts.

Our climate action venture focuses on expanding our refill product line, which consists of eco-friendly products such as shampoo, laundry soap, dish soap, etc., as well as planning and executing a large-scale seasonal clothing swap program.

Our proposed ventures will enable our customers, as well as community members, to decrease their waste by refilling their products instead of buying new single use bottled products, thus diverting waste from oceans and waterways, as well as reducing their textile waste by swapping gently used clothes and saving money while doing so!

Women4ClimateTO mentors are professionals from the public and private sector with expertise in a variety of different fields including climate action, business, finance, marketing and communications.Women4climate mentor Deepika Mahadevan

Deepika Mahadevan

Brightspot Climate Inc.

Deepika is a licensed professional engineer with a degree in chemical engineering with close to a decade of experience working with greenhouse (GHG) regulatory compliance (quantification,auditing and reporting) and voluntary carbon markets (offset projects) in multiple jurisdictions and sectors in Canada.

Deepika also continues to work with private and governmental funding agencies, providing GHG on clean energy technologies. Outside of work, Deepika is a well-known singer-songwriter in her local community and loves building a safe space for aspiring artists to express themselves.

Women4climate mentor Marijke McLean

Marijke McLean

ESG Strategy & Integration, Canadian Tire Corporation

Marijke (pronounced Mar-eye-ka) is an experienced merchandising and ESG professional, sustainable living enthusiast and avid world traveler. Building a career in retail, she successfully led portfolios of up to $1.1B in annual sales during her tenures at Indigo, LS Travel Retail and the LCBO.

A lifelong passion for sustainability brought Marijke to Canadian Tire where, as part of the ESG Strategy & Integration team, she has applied her background in category management and her knack for inspiring change to help guide the strategic work in reducing the environmental impact of CTC’s products by finding ways to better design, make, reuse and recycle them.

Outside of work, Marijke is a keen practitioner of yoga and ardent champion for low waste, joyfully follows a plant-based and alcohol-free lifestyle, and takes every opportunity to travel the world—she’s just visited her 101st country!

Women4climate mentor Allison Daisley

Allison Daisley

Founder, Daisley Communications

With a proven ability to creatively develop and implement strategic marketing and communications programs, Allison Daisley draws from over two decades of brand management and agency experience in both Canada and the UK working for global brands and entrepreneurial organizations. Driven by curiosity, collaboration, and strong project, team, and client management, in 2020 Allison redirected her business to focus exclusively on supporting brands and organizations that strive to make a positive impact environmentally or socially.

Anjana Meel

Women4climate mentor Anjana Meel

Consulting Director, Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change, Environmental Resource Management (ERM)

Anjana is a sustainability and climate change business leader with over 20 years of global experience. Anjana is a Consulting Director of Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change at ERM, world’s largest advisory firm focused solely on sustainability.

Prior to joining ERM, Anjana has held a variety of progressive leadership roles in consulting, government, clean-tech startups and academia.  Anjana supported clients across a variety of sectors in their decarbonization journey at Guidehouse. At the Ontario Public Service, Anjana worked on low-carbon fuel regulations, climate change action plan, GHG reduction targets and developing biochemical sector. In the private sector, Anjana has led technology transfer packages and supported capital raise at cleantech start-ups focused on renewable gasoline, carbon capture & utilization and bio-refinery and has also worked with Dow Chemicals in Philadelphia. Anjana holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, PhD in chemical engineering from University of Pennsylvania and bachelor’s in chemical engineering from IIT-Bombay.

Anjana is a thought leader and regularly participates as a speaker and moderator at net-zero and sustainability related conferences. Anjana also teaches a graduate course on Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability of Engineering Activities at the University of Toronto.

Giselle De Grandis

Women4Climate mentor Giselle De Grandis

Manager, Business Development and Market Strategy, Hydro One

Giselle De Grandis is Manager of Business Development & Market Strategy with Hydro One, Ontario’s largest electric utility. She leads innovative programming to build the grid of the future by engaging customers and their distributed energy resources. Giselle also helped develop the company’s innovation strategy and manage its venture capital investment. Giselle is passionate about startups that activate citizens, decarbonize the economy and advance the energy transition.

A policy master’s graduate with a decade of experience in clean energy and transportation policy with the Government of Ontario, she holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, an MSc from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a professional certificate from Yale University in Financing and Deploying Clean Energy.

Women4climate mentor Maria Shibaeva

Maria Shibaeva

Faculty at the University of Toronto and Independent Strategic Consultant

Maria Shibaeva-Escarraga is an award-winning executive-level business leader, effective communication expert (Master Storyteller), and faculty at the University of Toronto (Top 20 Global University). As an ex-P&G Brand Director, Maria has 13+ years of passion and for developing winning communication to win the hearts and minds of the audience.

In 2019, Maria was the Winner of two Cannes International Film Festival Lions – (1) Glass: The Lion for Change, (2) Social & Influencer: Social Cultural Insights, for creating and leading the Canada-led Global Gillette #MyBestSelf campaign and Gillette First Shave film launch. Maria has 13+ years of Teaching/Public Speaking experience across multiple Universities (most recently having joined the Faculty at the University of Toronto), Industries and Countries – helping student and young professional entrepreneurs use effective communication to advance their personal and business goals. Maria has 11+ years of Independent Strategic Consulting Experience – as a Consultant, Investor and Officer of the Board – helping CEOs succeed in the market, with a focus on Organizational Effectiveness, including Brand-Building/Marketing/Business Development Strategy, Organizational Design/Development and Executive Coaching. Maria is a philanthropist with Rotary International – a service-based organization that provides humanitarian support, where she has led Global Teams in International Service Projects. English and Russian (native), French and Spanish (intermediate), Italian (basic).

Women4Climate mentor Rae Anne Miller

Rae-Anne Miller

Project Director – Emission Performance Standards, Environment and Climate Division, City of Toronto

Rae-Anne is a dedicated leader at the forefront of sustainability in the City of Toronto. As the manager of the Net Zero Buildings Team within the Environment and Climate Division, she spearheads a talented, diverse team. Together, they are instrumental in the city’s ambitious mission to combat climate change.

Through the strategic execution of TransformTO and the Net Zero Existing Buildings Strategy, Rae-Anne and her team are the driving force behind substantial emission reductions and energy conservation efforts. Their programs and initiatives reach every corner of the city, empowering all buildings to embrace a net-zero future by 2040.

Jennifer Teoh

Women4Climate mentor Jennifer Teoh

Partner, Financial Accounting Advisory Services, EY Ottawa

Jennifer Teoh, CPA, CA, is a Partner in EY’s Financial Accounting Advisory Services practice. With almost 20 years of professional experience, Jennifer specializes in services that address the CFO and Controllership agenda to a wide range of clients, including but not limited to those in the Government and public sector, technology and financial services industries.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Entrepreneurship from McGill University, a Graduate Diploma in Accounting from Concordia University, a Chartered Professional Accountant Designation and is a FSA Credential Holder (Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting). Jennifer is a board member on the Public Sector Accounting Standards Board, the independent body created to serve the public interest by establishing accounting standards for the public sector.

She is also the Chair of the Public Sector Accounting Discussion Group, the public forum at which issues relating to public sector financial reporting are discussed, including matters related to sustainability. Jennifer has held governance positions in non-profit organizations as a Board Member at Options Bytown, Treasurer at Harmony House, and Finance Chair at Ethiopiaid Canada. In 2020, Jennifer was a recipient of Ottawa’s Forty under 40 award, in recognition of her business, professional, and community contributions.

Eshna Kaul

Women4Climate mentor Eshna Kaul

Director, Aecon Group Inc.

Eshna Kaul, a distinguished leader in the energy and cleantech sectors, brings a wealth of experience with her engineering and business background. With a career spanning startups, corporations, and research, she offers a well-rounded perspective. Eshna’s passion lies in addressing energy and climate challenges that have scale and impact by building successful ventures in the utilities and consumer sector.

Currently, Eshna is a board member at the Canadian Renewable Energy Association. She leads the green energy solutions and renewables division at Aecon, a leading Canadian infrastructure company, as a Director. Her unwavering commitment revolves around making a tangible difference in addressing our energy and climate issues, shaping the future of sustainable energy solutions across North America.

Women4ClimateTO Alumnae Network

Launched in September 2023, the Women4ClimateTO Alumnae Network provides ongoing support to past participants of the Women4ClimateTO Mentorship Program.

The Alumnae Network aims to build an active, vibrant, and supportive community of female climate leaders dedicated to addressing the climate emergency in Toronto through:

  • Strengthening peer connections
  • Providing access to ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Leveraging the skills of its members to support others in the local Toronto community launch or advance their own climate action initiatives

Women4ClimateTO Alumnae Networking Steering Committee Members:


Women4ClimateTO Alumnae Networking Steering Committee Member Deborah King
Deborah King, Global Measure
Women4ClimateTO Alumnae Networking Steering Committee Member Melanie King
Melanie Williams, Linked
Women4ClimateTO Alumnae Networking Steering Committee Member Nicki Cesta
Nicki Cesta, The Wasteland Plan Foundation
Women4ClimateTO Alumnae Networking Steering Committee Member Zamani Ra
Zamani Ra, CEED Canada

Getting Involved

The Women4ClimateTO Alumnae Network is only open to past participants of the Women4ClimateTO Mentorships Program at this time.

To see profiles of past program participants see the links below:

2023 Program Participants
2022 Program Participants
2021 Program Participants

2024 Program Sponsor

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