The role of the Heritage Toronto Board of Directors is to represent the interests of the heritage community and is distinct from the heritage advice given by City staff as part of the planning process. By separating these functions, the City is better positioned to receive community-based input and involvement in the heritage affairs of Toronto.

The Board of Directors:

  • provides advice from a community perspective to the City, civic organizations and members of the public regarding heritage issues;
  • promotes and educates the public regarding heritage issues;
  • ensures that any privately donated funds received are applied to the specific purpose designated by the donor;
  • establishes and manages publicity and public programs, including awards programs, respecting city-wide heritage issues and to otherwise promote public awareness of the city’s heritage;
  • serves as a liaison with the heritage community and promotes public awareness of the city’s heritage resources; and
  • serves as a focal point for volunteer sector groups.

Follow this link for information on the Board governance structure for the Heritage Toronto Board of Directors.

Heritage Toronto celebrates, interprets, and educates on the City of Toronto’s architectural, archaeological, natural and cultural heritage.Recognizing the preservation, protection and promotion of Toronto’s rich heritage as an important objective, the City has established a comprehensive infrastructure of policies, programs and services for the conservation and management of its heritage resources. This network of heritage programs at the City includes: Heritage Preservation Services within the City Planning Division, the Toronto Preservation Board including its four community-based Preservation Panels, and the arms-length charitable agency of Heritage Toronto.

2016 Service Overview

Through partnerships with local community groups and donations from individuals, foundations and corporations, Heritage Toronto provides the following city-wide activities:

  • Heritage tours;
  • Plaques and markers;
  • Heritage lectures;
  • On-Line publications; and
  • Liaisons and consultations.

2016 Operating Budget

Service 2016 Approved Budget ($000’s)



Heritage Toronto