The mandates of the Toronto Police Services Board (the Board) and the Toronto Police Service (TPS) are legislated under the Police Services Act.

The Toronto Police Services Board provides general management of the TPS, sets policing policy and ensures the TPS provides adequate and effective police services that must include crime prevention, law enforcement, assistance to victims of crime, public order maintenance and emergency response.

The Board’s responsibilities include:

  • appointing all members of the police service;
  • setting the objectives and priorities for the management of the police service (in consultation with the Chief of Police);
  • recruiting, appointing and determining the remuneration for the Chief, Deputy Chiefs and the Chief Administrative Officer;
  • directing the Chief of Police and monitoring his or her performance;
  • negotiating collective agreements with bargaining units; and
  • submitting the budget estimates for policing to Council.

The Police Services Act restricts the Board from directing the Chief of Police with respect to specific operational decisions or with respect to the day-to-day operation of the police service.

Follow this link for information on the Board governance structure for the Toronto Police Services Board.

The Chief of Police’s duties include administration of the TPS and oversight of its operation in accordance with the objectives, priorities and policies established by the Board, ensuring that members of the police force carry out their duties in accordance with the Act and the regulations and in a manner that reflects the needs of the community, and that discipline is maintained in the police force; ensuring that the police force provides community-oriented police services; and administration of the complaints system in accordance with the Act.

The TPS is dedicated to delivering police services in partnership with our communities to keep Toronto the best and safest place to be.

2014 Service Overview

Every three years, the Board (in consultation with the Chief of Police) determines areas within mandated policing responsibilities where the focus of resources and activities should be emphasized. The 2014-2016 Business Plan established three priority areas: Safe Communities and Neighbourhoods; Economic Sustainability & Operational Excellence; and High Quality, Professional Service to the Community. Within each area, goals and performance objectives/indicators were also established.

The TPS delivers police services which include:

  • Maintaining an average deployed uniform strength of 5,266 Officers delivering mandated police services in partnership with our communities;
  • Providing security for 263 Provincial courtrooms within the City; and
  • Implementing priorities in the 2014-2016 Business Plan.


The Board is responsible for submitting operating and capital budget estimates to Council that show, separately, the amount required to maintain the police service and provide it with equipment and facilities; and the amount required to pay the expenses of the Board’s operations, except for the remuneration of Board Members.

Council will establish an overall budget for the Board and the TPS and is not bound to adopt the estimates submitted by the Board. However, under the Act, Council does not have the authority to approve or disapprove specific items in the budget.

The Council-approved Toronto Police Services Board operating budget for 2014 was $2.858 million gross and $2.358 million net.

The Council-approved Toronto Police Service operating budget for 2014 was $1,086 million gross and $957.661 million net.

The 2014 Capital Budget for Toronto Police Service is $46.9 million.

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