City Planning has an important role in ensuring the provision and maintenance of a diverse range of housing across the city in terms of building form, tenure and affordability. Through development review we secure new affordable housing and protect the rental housing stock. We also conduct research and analysis to develop and recommend policy that meets the City’s future housing needs.

Among other important objectives, our work helps preserve and increase the City’s affordable housing stock. With the limited supply of new rental housing and rising home ownership costs, the City prioritizes preserving and replenishing rental housing in Toronto.

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Through the City’s development review work, we implement the Official Plan housing policies to protect rental housing from demolition and/or conversion and secure new affordable housing. We do this by coordinating development review with Community Planners and reviewing applications to demolish or convert rental housing required by the City’s Rental Housing Demolition and Conversion Control by-law in Chapter 667 of the Municipal Code.

City Planning staff work with other City Divisions and agencies, and a range of stakeholders to review and update the City’s Official Plan housing policies. Through our research and analysis we support Council decision-making by leading or providing input into key studies impacting housing affordability and availability in Toronto. Some of our recent work includes: