Indoor pools are open year-round. Outdoor pools, wading pools, splash pads and beaches are seasonal to the summer.

This page has drop-in programming only.

Use the map and filter options to find schedule information for the current week. For long-range drop-in schedules check the drop-in program listings.

Free Swim Activities

  • Leisure swim at indoor and outdoor pools
  • Water play activities, like wading pools and splash pads
  • Lane swim at outdoor pools

Paid Swim Activities

  • Aquatic Fitness at indoor and outdoor pools
  • Lane swim at indoor pools

Day passes and 10-visit passes for lane swim and aquatic fitness will be available in the form of a key tag. There is a $13 replacement fee for lost or stolen key tags.

Existing printed punch cards (multi-visit passes) will be honoured until they run out.

Buy any pass or card at the front desk of a community centre. Options include:

  • Day Passes and Single Visit Passes are ideal for beginners or occasional users (indoor pools only).
  • 10-visit Passes are ideal for users who do not attend drop-in programs on a regular basis since they do not expire.
  • Memberships are great for users who attend drop-in programs on a regular basis.

Aquatic Fitness Drop-in Fees

Aquatic Fitness programs running at outdoor pool locations require a key tag to participate. Pay-as-you-go is not available for outdoor pool locations.

Age Group FitnessTO All Access – Day Pass 10-Visit Aquatic Fitness Class
Child (seven to 13 years) Not available Not available
Youth (13 to 19 years) $8.25 $67 ($6.70/visit)
Adult (19 to 59 years) $16.50 $134 ($13.40/visit)
Older Adult (60+ years) $8.25 $67 ($6.70/visit)

Indoor Lane Swim Drop-in Fees

These fees are for the use of an indoor pool during Lane Swim.

Age Group FitnessTO Plus Swim – Day Pass Older Adult Lane Swim 10-Visit Lane Swim
Adult (19 to 59 years)


$4.50 not available $44 ($4.40/visit)
Older Adult (60+ years)


$2.25 free $22 ($2.20/visit)
Child/Youth (7+ years)


$2.25 not available $22 ($2.20/visit)

Aquatic Fitness

Aquatic Fitness is a water-based fitness class that includes cardio, muscle conditioning, flexibility and strength-building exercises for people aged 13 years or older. Equipment provided.

Types of Aquatic Fitness include:

  • Arthritis (Designed for people with arthritis)
  • Boot Camp (designed for people who want a workout using the principles of cross-training and high-intensity Interval training)
  • Caregiver and Baby (Designed for caregivers to bring their six to 18-month-old babies with them to participate in a shallow water workout)
  • Deep (Designed for people who want an aquatic fitness workout in deep water)
  • Mind and Body (Designed for people who enjoy Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga)
  • Older Adult (age 60+)
  • Pre/Post Natal (Designed for women who are pre or post-delivery)
  • Running (Designed for people who would like a running program in a low to no-impact environment)
  • Shallow (Designed for people who want an aquatic fitness workout in shallow water)
  • Sports Conditioning (Designed for people who want a high-intensity class in enhancing sport performance and injury prevention)
  • Women only

How to Make or Cancel an Aquatic Fitness Reservation

New reservation spots are released on Thursday mornings at 8 a.m. for the following Monday to Sunday. Toronto residents may make one reservation per day for Aquatic Fitness and only for members of their household.

Use the map to find schedule information for the current week. For long-range drop-in schedules, check the indoor pool’s individual page.

Make a Reservation
  1. Make sure you have your family and client number(s). You can create an account for you and members of your family online. Your new Family and Client number will be emailed to you. Remember to save your Family and Client number in a secure place. Find out more about how to get family and client numbers.
  2. Use the map or list to find a pool. You can search by using your own address, or the community centre name. Filter results by selecting a Location Type (e.g. indoor or outdoor) and by Activity Type (e.g. Aquatic Fitness only).
  3. Select a map pin for pool status and to find the View Schedule button.
  4. Choose View Schedule to find available reservation times. Once you have found a date and time you prefer, select Reserve.
  5. A new window will open in eFun. Select Add to Cart to add the activity to your cart, and log in to eFun using your family and client number.
  6. Select a Client from the dropdown to identify which member of your household you are making a reservation for, then choose Go to Checkout.
  7. Review the activity Details and select Complete. A waiver will open and you will need to agree to the terms to complete the reservation.
  8. After completing the reservation, take a screenshot or print the receipt to show on-site.

Reservations will be honoured for five minutes beyond the scheduled start time. If you do not arrive within five minutes of your reservation start time, your spot will be given to someone in the walk-in line.

Reservations are available to Toronto residents only and waitlists are not kept or monitored for recreation reservations.

For a better experience, reserve using a desktop or laptop device, and make sure your web browser is up-to-date.

Cancel a Reservation

Cancel a reservation online up to one day before the activity is scheduled.

  1. Log in to eFun using your family and client number.
  2. Select My Account from the top menu.
  3. Scroll down to view your scheduled activities and choose Withdraw to cancel a reservation.
  4. Select OK to confirm you want to withdraw from the activity and a Withdrawal Confirmation screen will open.

If you need to cancel your reservation the day of, email or call 416-396-7378, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Lane Swim

Open swim for swimming continuous lengths or widths for individuals 7 years of age and older unless otherwise indicated. Swimmers are encouraged to bring their own personal equipment. Swim tests for deep end access apply.

Types of Lane Swim include:

  • Long (50 metre) Course
  • Men only
  • Older Adult (age 60+)
  • Short (25 metre) Course
  • Women only

Leisure Swim

Open swim with shallow and deep areas separated. Supervision requirements, age restrictions for swimming alone, and swim tests for deep end access apply.

Types of Leisure Swim include:

  • Adapted (Designed for clients with a disability and their caregivers)
  • Adult (age 18+)
  • Family
  • Men only
  • Older Adult (age 60+)
  • Open and Inclusive (Designed for clients seeking a swim incorporating all gender expressions and body types)
  • Preschool (Designed for young children up to five years of age and their caregivers)
  • Swim to Survive
  • Women only
  • Youth (age 13 to 24)

Swim to Survive

The Swim to Survive program teaches three basic skills in an effort to promote drowning prevention in children and youth:

  • rolling into deep water
  • treading water for one minute
  • swimming 50 metres

This program is for all ages and there are no prerequisites.

A facility swim test will assess swimming ability. Lifejackets are allowed.

Youth Lifeguard Club

The Youth Lifeguard Club is a free, drop-in program for people aged nine to 16 years old. This program focuses on developing lifesaving techniques and swimming strokes, improving physical endurance, learning rescue skills, leadership development and team building.

Participants must:

  • be comfortable in deep water
  • pass the facility swim test

Previous swimming and lifesaving experience are not required to participate.

Swim Test

To pass the swim test, individuals must show pool staff:

  • Comfort in the water.
  • Swim a minimum of two widths (or equivalent distance) in shallow water without stopping. Distances may increase based on the size or shape of the facility.

Individuals who can’t pass the swim test must stay in the shallow end of the pool. Children nine years of age or younger who can’t pass the swim test must also be directly supervised in the pool by their caregiver.

Supervision Requirements and Wristbands

For the safety of all swimmers in the pool, it is important that supervision ratios are followed at all times. Supervision ratios and admission requirements are developed based on regulations that govern Public Pools (e.g. R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 565: Public Pools) and in consultation with the Lifesaving Society, an organization who works to prevent drowning and water-related injury.

All children nine years of age or younger are given a wristband to identify whether a caregiver must be within arms’ reach.

A caregiver must be:

  • Fourteen years of age or older
  • Responsible for the direct supervision of the child(ren) in and out of the water
  • Remain within arms’ reach
  • Dressed in proper bathing attire
  • Capable of swimming in the deep end, if accompanying a child into the deep end

Any child(ren) in any type of child seat (e.g. stroller, baby bucket or other type of child seat) must be directly supervised and within arms’ reach of a caregiver at all times while in the facility.

Check the chart to learn more about caregiver requirements to enter the facility and whether a caregiver is required to be within arms’ reach. Note: In a group setting, the caregiver ratios are based on the youngest swimmer or whether a swimmer passes the swim test.

Age Upon Entry into Pool: does not take Swim Test or does not pass Swim Test Once in Pool Area and Passes Swim Test
Wristband Colour and Supervision Requirement
Five years and younger
  • Pink wristband: can swim in shallow end
  • Maximum of two children to one caregiver
  • Caregiver must remain within arms’ reach at all times
Not applicable. Children five years and younger cannot enter the deep end
Six years
  • Orange wristband: can swim in shallow end
  • Maximum of four children to one caregiver
  • Caregiver must remain within arms’ reach at all times
  • Orange and Green wristband: can swim in the deep end
  • Maximum of four children to one caregiver
  • Caregiver must remain within arms’ reach at all times
Seven to nine years old
  • Orange wristband: can swim in shallow end
  • Maximum of four children to one caregiver
  • Caregiver must remain within arms’ reach at all times
  • Green wristband (orange wristband will be removed by staff): can swim in the deep end
  • No caregiver required
Ten years and older
  • No wristband: can swim in shallow end
  • No caregiver required
  • Green wristband: can swim in the deep end
  • No caregiver required

Lane Swim Guidelines

In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable lane swim, the following guidelines are recommended:

  • Minimum age requirement is seven years old and the ability to pass the swim test.
  • Swim in the lane that best describes your type of swimming: fast, medium or slow/leisure.
  • Change lanes at the end of the pool not in the middle.
  • Swim in the direction indicated by the signs.
  • Passing should occur cautiously to prevent injuries to others, especially when using equipment.
  • Avoid collisions by being aware of your surroundings, especially when others are pushing off the wall.
  • Listen to the advice given by lifeguards.

Day Camps and Groups

Camp staff should contact the facility directly to plan a visit.


The City of Toronto is retrofitting its pools for accessibility. Some indoor facilities are open for physical therapy and some offer warm water pools. View the list of Accessible Recreation Facilities and Equipment to learn more. To find out whether an indoor or outdoor location will meet your needs, call the Adapted and Inclusive Recreation Services Hotline at 416-395-6128 or email

Water Temperature

The pool temperature of City-owned locations will vary between 26 to 29 Celsius (78 to 84 Fahrenheit).  Select locations have adjusted temperatures outside of this range to meet program needs and accessibility. Visit Accessible Recreation Facilities and Equipment to learn more.

Outdoor Swim and Water Play Activities

  • Closures and service alerts will occur for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or last sight of lightning.
  • Closures may occur if rain is forecasted for the entire day and/or cool temperatures are forecasted.
  • Designated outdoor pools will remain open past their scheduled closure time if an Extreme Heat Warning is declared in the City of Toronto. For more information visit Cool Spaces Near You.

Pool Use

  • Those with serious medical conditions should be accompanied by a caregiver familiar with their condition.
  • Shower with soap and water before you enter the pool.
  • All swimmers must change from street clothes to a swimsuit and/or clean clothing used only for swimming.
  • All outside shoes must be removed before entering the pool deck.
  • Strollers, baby buckets and wheelchairs may be placed in designated areas.
  • For swimmers who are not toilet trained:
    • we recommend specially designed swim diapers or pants.
    • cotton diapers are only allowed if snug plastic pants are worn to cover the diaper.
    • disposable diapers are not allowed as they fall apart with too much water and clog the pool’s filters.

Change rooms

  • Children six years of age and younger can use the change room with their caregiver regardless of the child’s gender.
  • Children seven years of age and older must use the change room designated for their gender.
  • Some pools have a universal change room
  • You can make alternate arrangements with facility staff if change room accommodations don’t work for you.

Lockers may be available in change rooms to store items. Participants are encouraged to bring their own lock. The City of Toronto is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Gender-Specific Swim Programs

When participating in gender-specific swim programs, people of the same gender will be permitted to access the pool deck, spectator gallery or viewing areas.

Note the following exceptions:

  • Caregivers who are participating in a program can bring child(ren) zero to seven years old of any gender to gender-specific programming
  • Children zero to seven years old of any gender will be allowed in the designed spectator areas, where available and when appropriate supervision by a caregiver of the appropriate gender is present

Saunas and Warm Water Pool Use

  • Users must be 14 years of age or older.
  • Allowed usage for a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Shower with soap and water before and after use.
  • Pregnant women and individuals with high blood pressure are discouraged from using these amenities.
  • Head coverings including bathing caps are discouraged to prevent overheating.


If you want to take pictures of your child while they are swimming you must speak with staff at the facility first. Using a phone, tablet, camera or other electronic or photographic device is not allowed in washrooms and change rooms at any City of Toronto facilities.

Kidstown Water Park, splash pads and wading pools are open in summer only.

Kidstown Water Park

Located in Scarborough’s L’Amoreaux Park, offers a variety of water features including a wading pool, water bikes, spray features and a large water dumping bucket.

Children under 10 years of age must always be accompanied by a caregiver 14 years of age or older. For children five years of age or younger, a maximum of two children can be accompanied by one caregiver. For children six years of age, a maximum of eight children can be accompanied by one caregiver and for children seven to nine years of age, a maximum of 10 children can be accompanied by one caregiver.

For caregivers that bring multiple children of different ages, the accompaniment requirement is that of the youngest child. For example, two caregivers would be required to bring a group of children that are three, six and eight years old.

There are three picnic spaces that can be permitted within the waterpark, each space has a capacity of 25 guests, children and adults combined. Spaces can be booked by visiting and selecting Picnics and Fire Pits or by calling 416-396-7378.

Splash Pads

Unsupervised water play areas located outdoors in many parks and playgrounds. Splash pads often include water features such as shower heads and spray jets. Caregivers are reminded to supervise their child(ren) at all times while visiting the splash pad.

Wading Pools

Supervised water play areas located outdoors in many parks. Wading pools are shallow water areas that young children can splash around in.

Find a Location Using the Drop-in Map

Use the following map to find schedules, reservations, closures and service alerts. Visit Pool Closures and Service Alerts for a list of all swim and water play facility disruptions.

Reservations are available for Aquatic Fitness. New reservation spots are released Thursday mornings at 8 a.m. for the following Monday to Sunday, fees may apply. If you wish to make a reservation for Aquatic Fitness, select the Reserve button.