The City is continually improving accessibility at Community and Recreation Centres. If you have any questions about specific facilities (pools, arenas, community centres) and the accessibility options, please call ahead and/or arrange a visit beforehand.

Swimming – Accessible Pools

For many persons with disabilities, swimming is an opportunity to feel freedom through weightlessness. Increasingly, pools are being retrofitted as accessible pools (those with aquatic chairs and lift chairs).

  • Aquatic Chairs: Aquatic chairs are plastic waterproof chairs used to transfer people from the change room to the pool, and the pool to the change room. This prevents people from getting their own wheelchairs wet.
  • Lift Chairs: A lift chair is a mechanical device that transfers people from the deck to the swimming pool, and the swimming pool to the deck.

Warm Water Pools

A small number of our City pools are kept as designated Warm Pools those with temperatures of 88 degrees or above to accommodate those with muscular, circulatory or neurological impairments requiring warmer temperatures.

Location Phone Pool Type Temperature
Etobicoke/York Gus Ryder Pool and Health Club 416-394-8726 Warm Water 87-88°F/30-31°C
North York Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre 416-395-7585 Therapeutic 100-102°F/38-39°C
Scarborough Agincourt Community Recreation Centre 416-396-8343 Warm Water 90-92°F/32-33°C
Birchmount Community Centre 416-396-4018 Warm Water 90-92°F/32-33°C
Toronto/East York Mary McCormick Recreation Centre 416-392-0742 Warm Water 88°F/31°C
Scadding Court Community Centre 416-392-0335 Warm Water 88°F/31°C
Regent Park Aquatic Centre 416-338-2237 Warm Water

Snoezelen Room

Due to a fire at Agincourt Recreation Centre in February 2019, the Snoezelen Room is closed.

The Snoezelen Room is a multi-sensory environment filled with lighting effects, shapes, textures, soft music and colours. This multi-sensory room creates a stress-free environment designed specifically for individuals with disabilities.

The History of Snoezelen

Snoezelen originated in Holland in the 1970s as a recreational environment for adults with intellectual disabilities. The term “Snoezelen” is derived from two Dutch words meaning to “seek out or to explore” and to “relax”.

The concept of Snoezelen is based on the idea that everyone needs quality leisure time. This room provides individuals with disabilities a time of relaxation and enjoyment in a stimulating environment.

Who is Snoezelen For?

Snoezelen can be enjoyed by everyone. The greatest benefit is observed with individuals with disabilities, including those with sensory processing, behavioural, intellectual and physical challenges.

Research has demonstrated that the Snoezelen Room offers many benefits. Scheduling regular sessions aids in the improvement of physical and mental health, an increase in attention span, memory and relaxation, a decrease in negative behaviours, and an overall increase in the quality of life for the user.

Hours of Operation

Closed until further notice.

The Snozelen Room is located inside the Agincourt Recreation Centre at 31 Glen Watford Drive in Scarborough.


To book the Snoezelen Room, contact Adapted Recreation Office at 416-396-7760 or 416-396-5273.

  • Sessions are 45 minutes in length with a user fee of $7.00 per session. Upon your first visit, we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete an assessment form.
  • Appointments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance with the Adapted Recreation office.
  • Notice of cancellation is required 24 hours in advance to avoid fee charges.

Commemorative AccessAbility® Table

Commemorate a special event or a person with an accessible picnic table located in a City of Toronto park. This program represents a joint venture between the Ontario March of Dimes and the City of Toronto. The Ontario March of Dimes is a non-profit organization. They developed the AccessAbility® Table and they’re dedicated to creating a society inclusive of people with disabilities.

AccessAbility® Table AccessAbility® Table

This universally-designed accessible picnic table is perfect for all outdoor recreation areas. It is constructed of galvanized steel, stainless steel and plastic wood. All components are maintenance-free, have a long lifespan and are recyclable. The stainless steel centre can be personalized with an etched dedication and/or company logo, and a built-in chessboard provides an opportunity for recreational interaction.

For more information please contact:

Elaine Darling at Ontario March of Dimes
Phone: 416-425-3463 ext. 369

The recently installed pergola at Riverdale Park East has an accessible picnic table underneath it. Here is an example of a successful gathering space that is well used primarily by the patients at the Bridgepoint Active Healthcare facility.


Hockey Sledges

Sledges are adaptive skating devices that give people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in leisure skate and hockey activities. This equipment makes our facilities more accessible to all.

Skate Horses

The Skate Horse is a device designed for people with various disabilities to assist with balance and support when learning how to skate.

  • It is not a ride-on toy.
  • 2 sizes are available (child & adult) to accommodate ages 3 and up.
  • There is an adjustable seat for resting your legs.
  • The solid three-point frame helps with balance.
  • The handlebar provides support and can adjust to suit.
  • Helmets must be worn.
  • Supervision and assistance should be provided by the parent or guardian.
  • Skate Horse is only available during leisure skate.

To book a Skate Horse or Hockey Sledge please call the district where the rink is located to request support at least ten business days ahead of intended use to ensure equipment can be transported.

Etobicoke York District – 416-394-8533

North York District  – 416-395-6183

Scarborough District – 416-396-7760

Toronto East York – 416-397- 4690

West Toronto York District – 416-395-6870