Access to records held by the City of Toronto is regulated by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). The public has a right to see most City records, and to get copies of them (fees for photocopying may apply). There are some exceptions to public access.

Records are made available in numerous ways:

  • Routine disclosure: Divisions and program areas automatically make information available to the public when it is requested, and by publishing it online or in a printed form such as brochures and reports.
  • Formal request: When a division or program area denies a request for information, a formal freedom of information request can be made through the City Clerk’s Office, Corporate Access and Privacy.
  • By appeal: If a freedom of information request is denied by the City, the decision can be appealed to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

Further Information

Routine Disclosure Plan

Court Services provides a wide range of information through its service areas: managing the administration of the Provincial Offences Act transferred from the Province of Ontario, which includes: courts administration, court support functions, (accepting fine payments, managing facilities, administration staff, courtroom staff, scheduling trials, staffing courtrooms, processing re- openings and extensions of time, maintenance of records, annual audits, French language service, case management, court master plan, complaints process, guidelines for the protection of privacy and confidentiality of personal information, collect fines, enforce fines, reporting requirements).

These are the main types of records routinely available from Court Services:

  • Part 1 Certificate of Offence
  • Part 3 Information
  • Summons to Defendant
  • Summons to Witness
  • Notice of Motion
  • Charter Motion
  • Application for Re-Opening (including Judicial Order)
  • Application for Extension of Time to Pay Fine (including Judicial Order)
  • Appeal Documents such as: Notice of Appeal, Application to Extend Time to Appeal, Recognizance, Notice of Time and Place of Hearing an Appeal, Notice of Abandonment of Appeal, Provincial Offences Act Appeal Court Record
  • Exhibits
  • Dockets (pre and post court)
  • ICON screen prints
  • Copies of Transcripts of Court Proceedings and Audio Recordings
  • Annual Budget documentation
  • Financial Statements
  • Collections: Certificates of Default with either Small Claims Court or Superior Court
  • Council/Committee Reports
  • Toronto Licensing Tribunal – Reasons for Decisions
  • Administrative Penalty Tribunal – Decisions
  • Toronto Local Appeal Body – Decisions
  • Guide for Defendants in Provincial Offences Cases
  • Community Funding

Open Data

Open data is freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish. There is an Open Data License posted on the City’s Open Data page that outlines the City’s and users’ obligations relating to this data. The City does not guarantee the currency or accuracy of the data posted.

Provincial Offences Act – Toronto Court Locations

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