We honour our Toronto Fire‬fighters who have died in the line of duty since 1848.

A ceremony is held  at the Fallen Firefighter Memorial every year at HTO Park, next to Toronto Fire Station 334.

Year Date Name Location
1848 Nov-24 Firefighter William Thornton Toronto
1858 Apr-08 Firefighter Fred Lepper Toronto
1858 Apr-09 Firefighter Terance Meehan Toronto
1866 Jul-10 Assistant Engineer William Charlton Toronto
1869 Sep-18 Firefighter James Kidd Toronto
1879 Sep-15 Captain James Phillips Toronto
1880 Oct-05 Firefighter William Ashfield Toronto
1881 Apr-14 Firefighter Thomas Charters Toronto
1884 Jul-11 Firefighter John Davis Toronto
1884 Jul-16 Firefighter Albert Gilbert Toronto
1890 Apr-24 Firefighter Thomas Everist Toronto
1895 Jan-06 Firefighter Robert Bowery Toronto
1895 Jan-27 Fire Chief Richard Ardagh Toronto
1896 Dec-13 Firefighter John Bertram Toronto
1898 Apr-01 Firefighter Thomas Deacon Toronto
1902 Jun-08 Firefighter Dennis Nolan Toronto
1902 Jul-10 Captain Walter Collard Toronto
1902 Jul-10 Firefighter David See Toronto
1902 Jul-10 Firefighter Harry Clarke Toronto
1902 Jul-10 Firefighter Adam Kerr Toronto
1902 Jul-10 Firefighter Fred Russell Toronto
1904 Feb-19 Firefighter Alfred Potter Toronto
1905 Sep-19 Captain Thomas Worrell Toronto
1913 Sep-30 Firefighter James Kerr Toronto
1918 Jul-22 Lieutenant Oliver Ough Toronto
1919 Feb-05 Captain Moses Thompson Toronto
1922 May-24 Firefighter James W. Johnston Toronto
1922 Jun-10 Lineman James Murdock Toronto
1926 Jan-13 Captain Sampson R. Best Toronto
1929 Nov-26 Fire Chief Arthur Wellwood Islington
1933 Jun-07 Firefighter Robert Calhoun Toronto
1934 Jun-30 Firefighter Fred Cameron Toronto
1934 Jul-23 District Chief James Dixon Toronto
1934 Jul-23 Lieutenant James Henry Toronto
1934 Jul-23 Firefighter William (Bert) Swire Toronto
1937 May-18 Lieutenant Robert Nicholls Toronto
1937 Jun-04 Firefighter Alexander Davidson Toronto
1937 Oct-25 Firefighter William Stevenson Toronto
1940 Sep-09 Lieutenant Albert Shackleton Toronto
1941 Dec-23 Lieutenant John Timney Toronto
1943 Oct-04 Firefighter Stanley Gower Toronto
1943 Nov-02 Firefighter Thomas Marks Toronto
1944 Mar-13 Firefighter David Findley Toronto
1944 Apr-03 Captain Edward Mitchell Toronto
1944 Aug-16 Firefighter Joseph Ross Toronto
1944 Sep-12 Captain Andrew Robert (Andy) Park Toronto
1946 Jul-13 Firefighter Edward Caskie Toronto
1946 Sep-21 Captain Clarence (Duke) Watson Toronto
1947 May-17 Firefighter Melville Kerfoot Toronto
1947 May-17 Firefighter Charles O. Leslie Toronto
1947 May-17 Firefighter Joseph Walker Toronto
1947 Jun-24 Captain Edward Cosgrave Toronto
1947 Dec-02 Firefighter James Davidson Toronto
1948 Jan-22 Firefighter David Kennedy Toronto
1948 Apr-13 Firefighter Joseph McCabe Toronto
1948 Jul-08 Firefighter George Thomson Toronto
1949 Feb-02 Firefighter Thomas Andrews Toronto
1949 Jun-07 Captain Wesley Salter Toronto
1949 Nov-15 Captain William Dundas Toronto
1950 Jul-25 Firefighter Frederick Longstaff Toronto
1952 Feb-13 Captain Cecil Lowry Toronto
1952 Apr-17 District Chief Robert E. Gaston Toronto
1952 Aug-21 Firefighter William Gratton Toronto
1952 Sep-02 Captain Charles Kirkaldy Toronto
1953 Jan-20 Platoon Chief William Culling Toronto
1953 Feb-01 Firefighter Earl Fraser Toronto
1954 Sep-06 Captain John Stewart Toronto
1954 Oct-16 Deputy Chief Clarence (Tiny) Collins Kingsway-Lambton
1954 Oct-16 Firefighter Frank Mercer Kingsway-Lambton
1954 Oct-16 Firefighter Roy Oliver Kingsway-Lambton
1954 Oct-16 Firefighter David Palmateer Kingsway-Lambton
1954 Oct-16 Firefighter Angus Small Kingsway-Lambton
1955 Feb-01 Firefighter William Haynes Toronto
1955 Mar-02 Captain Alfred Mason Toronto
1955 May-31 Firefighter Russell Stewart Toronto
1955 Jun-03 Firefighter George W. Watkins Toronto
1957 Jul-07 Captain John Calhoun Toronto
1957 Nov-21 Firefighter Alexander Budd Scarborough
1957 Nov-30 Captain William Kennard Toronto
1958 Dec-31 Captain Ross Gledhill Toronto
1959 Oct-18 Captain Harold Scott Toronto
1959 Dec-18 District Chief William Reid Toronto
1960 Jan-26 Firefighter Leo Mulleray Toronto
1960 Jul-09 District Chief Norman Caskie Toronto
1960 Aug-29 Captain John Wilde Scarborough
1960 Aug-29 Firefighter Joseph Kennedy Scarborough
1960 Sep-16 Firefighter William McGowan Toronto
1960 Nov-07 Probationary Firefighter Robert Ludlow York
1961 May-27 District Chief Frank Nicholson Toronto
1962 Jan-29 Captain Ross Campbell Toronto
1962 Mar-31 Firefighter Harley Murphy Toronto
1962 Jun-02 Firefighter Theophilus Ballinger Toronto
1962 Aug-20 Firefighter Leslie Hamilton Toronto
1962 Nov-13 Firefighter John Fraser Toronto
1964 Jan-26 Fighter Bruce Arthur Catchpole Leaside
1964 Jul-25 Captain William Woolley Toronto
1964 Aug-15 Firefighter Clifford Dibble Toronto
1964 Nov-28 Firefighter Frank Reynolds Toronto
1965 Jan-02 Captain William Sanders Toronto
1965 Jan-13 Firefighter Clarence Sedwick Toronto
1966 Jan-03 Firefighter John Hamilton Toronto
1966 Jan-24 Firefighter Norman Penfound Toronto
1966 Feb-24 Captain George Stevens Toronto
1966 Mar-09 Firefighter James Anderson Toronto
1966 Apr-23 Firefighter Edwin Morette Toronto
1966 Apr-29 Firefighter William James (Red) Simpson Toronto
1966 Oct-09 Captain Edward Savage Toronto
1966 Oct-14 Firefighter Ernest Garrett Toronto
1967 Jun-30 District Chief Leslie C. Booth Toronto
1967 May-20 Firefighter Peter Van Kirk Scarborough
1967 Nov-06 Firefighter William J. Fraser Toronto
1967 Sep-25 Firefighter William Downey Toronto
1967 Dec-18 Captain Robert Gaston Toronto
1969 Feb-04 Captain Alexander Lockhart Toronto
1969 Nov-08 Firefighter Gerald Welsh North York
1970 Oct-7 Captain Eric Sadler Toronto
1970 Nov-14 Captain John Roberts Toronto
1971 Jun-06 Firefighter Hartley Megill Toronto
1972 Mar-24 Captain Frederick McLean Toronto
1972 Aug-05 Firefighter James Getty Toronto
1972 Sep-24 Captain Lester Bangay Toronto
1973 Sep-28 Firefighter Thomas F. Kelly North York
1974 Mar-06 Captain Jack Armstrong Toronto
1974 May-16 Firefighter Gord Smith Scarborough
1974 Sep-06 Captain Howard Gilbert Toronto
1975 Apr-29 Acting Captain Donald Barwell Toronto
1976 Aug-24 Firefighter James Munro Toronto
1977 Jul-30 Firefighter W. Bruce McKenzie Toronto
1977 Oct-09 District Chief Art Searle North York
1977 Dec-29 Platoon Chief Charles Dawson North York
1978 Dec-04 District Chief Lloyd Janes Etobicoke
1978 Dec-04 Captain Donald Kerr Etobicoke
1978 Dec-04 Firefighter John Clark Etobicoke
1979 Feb-20 District Chief Herbert A. Hill Toronto
1979 Jan 3 Firefighter Leonard McGee  Etobicoke
1979 Sep-24 District Chief William Brew Toronto
1980 Mar-31 Firefighter Bob Kennedy York
1980 Aug-21 Captain John Morrison Toronto
1980 Nov-18 Firefighter Harry Manderson Toronto
1981 May-18 Firefighter Stan Dabrowski Toronto
1981 Sep-28 District Chief James “Bob” Martin Etobicoke
1983 Mar-19 Firefighter Gerald Sutton North York
1983 Oct-24 Firefighter Donald Robert Coulter Toronto
1983 Dec-15 Firefighter Raymond Cranswick  Toronto
1984 Nov-08 Firefighter Francis B. McGovern North York
1985 Dec-15 James Gordon Edwards Toronto
1986 Jun-25 Platoon Chief Bernard Leach York
1987 Sep-09 Captain J. Donald Babineau Toronto
1987 Sep-22 District Chief Bryan Oswin Etobicoke
1988 Jun-10 District Chief Doran Collins Etobicoke
1988 Sep-19 Captain Willis James White Toronto
1989 Mar-09 Acting Captain Gary W. Kennedy Toronto
1989 Jul-13 Firefighter Patrick Cleveland Scarborough
1989 Oct-15 Captain Ken Burfield Etobicoke
1989 Oct-29 Firefighter Kenneth R. Best Toronto
1990 Jan-10 Firefighter Mike French North York
1991 Feb-23 Captain Raymond Brooks North York
1991 Jun-24 Firefighter George Muir North York
1991 Jul-31 Captain Gord Thatcher York
1991 Oct-09 Captain William Terrell Etobicoke
1991 Nov-17 Acting District Chief Brian Gordon Harold Kirby Etobicoke
1991 Nov-02 Captain Lorne E. Hartley Toronto
1992 Feb-05 Captain Roy Ireland North York
1992 Jun-03 Captain Andy DesLauriers North York
1992 Jul -01 Captain Harold H. Beaton Toronto
1992 Aug-14 District Chief Thomas Clark Toronto
1993 Sept-28 Firefighter William Walker Toronto
1993 Oct-06 Firefighter Bob Ellis North York
1994 Apr-17 Firefighter Bernie Bourne York
1994 Jun-09 Captain Alan Gordon Wilson Toronto
1994 Jun-29 Firefighter Murray Kimberley Graham Toronto
1994 Jul-12 Firefighter John Barry Stephenson North York
1994 Nov-15 Captain Steve Cudnick Toronto
1995 Jul-12 Firefighter Kenneth Nicoll York
1995 Dec-10 Captain Thomas Timmins Etobicoke
1996 Aug-29 Captain John L. Macfarlane Scarborough
1997 May-01 Captain Albert G. H. Solman Toronto
1997 Jul-15 Captain Joe Truax Scarborough
1998 Aug-11 District Chief James A. Warren Toronto
1998 Aug-18 District Chief Bruce Ritchie Toronto
1999 Jan-14 Captain Carl Quinn Toronto
1999 Mar-10 Acting District Chief Alan Anketell Toronto
1999 Jun 2 Captain Jack Painter North York
1999 Aug-10 Acting District Chief Roger Holmes Scarborough
1999 Nov-06 Captain Jim Arnold Scarborough
2000 Jan-24 Captain Donald R. Dyson York
2000 Feb-24 Firefighter John Bricknell East York
2000 Oct-24 Captain Raymond Jackson Toronto
2001 Feb-6 Acting Captain Jeffrey Carl Spencer Toronto
2001 Mar-04 Captain John Thewlis Toronto
2001 Mar-11 Firefighter Alfred ‘Ted’ Waites Toronto
2001 Mar-17 Captain Walter Churchmack Toronto
2001 Mar-17 Firefighter Bob Simpson North York
2001 Apr-30 Captain Patrick Joseph Carey Toronto
2001 May-15 Captain Douglas Lorne Storey Toronto
2001 Oct-07 Firefighter Walter Drake Toronto
2001 Nov-05 Platoon Chief Thomas G. Humphrey Toronto
2001 Nov-25 Firefighter Thomas M. McCullagh Toronto
2002 Feb-25 Captain Charles Carolan North York
2002 Dec-05 Captain Vic Ebbs Toronto
2003 Apr-07 Acting Captain Murray Duncan Toronto
2003 Oct-05 Captain David G Kennedy Scarborough
2003 Nov-21 Ken O’Halloran Etobicoke
2004 Apr-09 Acting Captain Richard Mann Toronto
2004 Apr-11 Captain Ian Gatehouse Toronto
2004 Aug-25 Captain Craig Carter Toronto
2004 Oct-24 Firefighter Charles Brown Toronto
2004 Nov-23 Captain Robert Campbell North York
2005 Feb-05 Firefighter Bill Smith Toronto
2005 Jun-06 Captain Kevin Conlon Toronto
2005 Jun-15 Captain Brian Whitehead Scarborough
2005 Jun-25 Firefighter Mel Jones Etobicoke
2005 Aug-08 Captain Keith Brown North York
2005 Sep-01 Deputy Chief Ross Forfar Scarborough
2005 Nov-12 Captain Joseph F. Moss Toronto
2006 Feb-03 Acting Captain Jeff Laishes Toronto
2006 Mar-12 District Chief Kenneth (Gary) Lang Etobicoke
2006 May-18 Captain Patrick J. Dineen Toronto
2006 Sep-19 Firefighter Daniel Donnelly Scarborough
2007 Jan-12 Robert Fryday Toronto
2007 Feb-14 Acting Captain Greg Fecteau Toronto
2007 Mar-09 District Chief Stan Dutka Toronto
2007 Mar-16 Captain Gary Wilson Toronto
2007 May-2 Firefighter Ronald James Adams Etobicoke
2007 Sep-05 Captain John Chappelle Toronto
2007 Oct-14 Captain Donald Booth North York
2008 Mar-02 Captain Ron Mathe Etobicoke
2008 Mar-24 District Chief Bill Yates Etobicoke
2008 Jun-20 Captain Terry Haworth Toronto
2008 Aug-10 District Chief Robert (Bob) Leek Toronto
2008 Oct-08 Captain Ron Seymour Toronto
2008 Oct 12 Firefighter Jerald Callaghan Toronto
2008 Dec-05 Fire Fighter Thomas Clark North York
2009 Jan-21 District Chief Barry James White Toronto
2009 May 27 Firefighter Leo Dorgan East York
2009 Jun 21 Captain William Closs Toronto
2010 Jan 8 Firefighter William John Scott Toronto
2010 Feb 2 District Chief John James Lalonde Scarborough
2010 Mar 9 Acting Captain David Charles Gray Toronto
2010 Mar 19 Firefighter Erik Christensen North York
2010 Jul-26 District Chief John Stockman North York
2010 Aug-12 Firefighter Ronald Carson North York
2011 Feb-01 District Chief Murray Manson Sr. Toronto
2011 May-29 Fire Fighter Walter Cunliffe Etobicoke
2011 Jul-05 Acting Captain James MacLean Toronto
2011 Jul-06 District Chief James Colin Macdonald Scarborough
2011 Jul-14 Acting Captain Sylvester Maj Toronto
2011 Nov-09 Firefighter James Cox York
2012 May-21 Fire Fighter Richard Eldon Toronto
2012 Jul-27 District Chief Dennis M. Bowles Toronto
2012 Aug-04 Fire Fighter Jack Cameron Etobicoke
2012 Nov-12 Fire Fighter Randy Burch Toronto
2013 Feb-02 Captain Gerald Hagerman Toronto
2013 Oct-10 Captain Peter Chambers Scarborough
2013 Oct-30 Firefighter David E. O’Brien Toronto
2013 Nov-18 Captain Michael L. Bates  York
2014 Jan-25 District Chief Donald Cooper Toronto
2014 Feb-15 District Chief John Anketell Etobicoke
2014 Feb-24 Captain Neil G. Harrison Toronto
2014 Aug-09  Firefighter Bruce B. Statton Toronto
2014 Aug-16 Captain Terry Thompson Toronto
2014 Nov-11 District Chief John D. Roach Toronto
2014 Nov-26 District Chief William Fredrick Smith Toronto
2014 Dec-01 Platoon Chief John Gibson North York
2015 Jan.1 Firefighter Harry Allan Stephenson North York
2015 Jan-10 Captain Charles ‘Bud’ Exton Etobicoke
2015 Mar-02 William D. Crawford Toronto
2015 Jul-06 Captain Falk Gruenwald Toronto
2015 Jul-19 Captain John O’Grady York
2015 Oct-25 Captain Lawrence Berenz North York
2015 Oct-29 Captain Richard Barker North York
2015 Nov-30 Captain Karl Lewis York
2015 Dec-02 Firefighter William Parker Toronto
2016 Jan-15 Captain George Powell North York
2016 Mar-13 Captain Rickie Dale Toronto
2016 Mar-16 Firefighter John Dowdell York
2016 Mar-21 Firefighter Michael Kane Toronto
2016 May-21 Captain Charles Mearns Etobicoke
2016 July-29 Captain Ron Milroy Scarborough
2016 Aug-09 Captain Dennis Moore Toronto
2016 Aug-11 Acting Captain Gino De Amicis Toronto
2016 Aug-18 Firefighter Steven Crites Toronto
2016 Sep-18 District Chief Ronald Henry Huttman Etobicoke
2016 Oct-16 Captain Robert Ted Barnes Scarborough
2016 Oct-27 Deputy Chief Terence Boyko Toronto
2016 Dec-28 Captain William Davies Toronto
2017 Feb-25 Captain Stephen Forsey Toronto
2017 Mar-03 District Chief James Ian Bolton Toronto
2017 Mar-07 Captain Thomas Ford Toronto
2017 Apr-17 Firefighter John Beattie York
2017 Nov-11 District Chief David Craig Toronto
2017 Dec-3 Captain James Lewis Brown Etobicoke
2018 Jan-01 Platoon Chief Thomas Thompson York
2018 Mar-09 Captain George Bellinger Scarborough
2018 Oct-16 District Chief Edward Batten East York
2018 Nov-01 Captain James McLaughlin Toronto
2018 Dec-09 Firefighter Scott Daly Toronto
2019 Jan-30 Firefighter William Blair Gibson Toronto
2019 Apr-30 Captain Gordon W. Crawford Toronto
2019 May-15 Firefighter Edmond F. Lynch Toronto
2019 Jun-26 Captain Gregory A. Simerson Scarborough
2019 Sept-12 District Chief Paul Dzuba Toronto
2019 Nov-03 District Chief Herbert Hammond Etobicoke
2019 Nov-24 District Chief James(Jim) Ritchie Toronto
2019 Dec-20 District Chief K. Dieter Bertram Toronto
2020 Jan-16 District Chief Wayne Elford Etobicoke
2020 Feb-21 Firefighter Roger Martin Toronto
2020 Apr-25 Captain Victor Patrick Kelly Toronto
2020 May-04 Firefighter Glenn Grieve
2020 Jun-19 Firefighter James Duffney York
2020 Aug-11 Captain Gary Campbell York
2020 Nov-4 Firefighter Robert A. Chalmers Toronto
2021 Feb-20 Acting Platoon Chief Glenn Sherwood Toronto
2021 Jun-14 Captain Johnnie Walker Toronto
2021 Aug-11 Captain Daniel Thompson Toronto
2021 Aug-17 Martin W. Costoff Toronto
2022 May-02 Ted J. Sabunia Toronto