Date Issued Effective Date
June 30, 2005 Immediately

Applicability to Social Housing Programs

The policies and procedures in this City Guideline are to be implemented under the following programs.

Applicability Program
X Housing Providers, Section 103 & 106
Federal Non-Profit Housing, Section 26/27
X Federal Non-Profit Housing, Section 95
Rent Supplement Programs for Sections 26, 27, 95 and New Affordable Housing Providers
Toronto Community Housing Corporation

Please note: If your program is not checked, this City Guideline does not apply to your project.


Each year, all housing providers must submit an Annual Information Return (AIR) to the City of Toronto.  In the past, housing providers have also had to get two supplementary reports from their auditors and submit them with the AIR.  Those reports were the “Auditors’ Derivative Report” and the “Auditors’ Report on Financial Information Contained in the Annual Information Return”.

The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants has recently advised Chartered Accountants that they should no longer issue derivative reports.

Action Required:

  1. Housing providers must advise their auditors that the City of Toronto no longer requires the “Auditors’ Derivative Report” and “Auditors’ Report on Financial Information Contained in the Annual Information Return”.

Helpful Hints

  • Housing providers should consult the City’s Guide to the Annual Information Return, for more information on the City’s requirements for submitting the AIR and financial statements.
  • Two copies of the guide have been, or are being, sent to each housing provider with their AIR package.
  • Additional copies of the guide are available on the City’s website.


If you have any questions, please contact your Housing Consultant or HSS:

Housing Stability Services
Shelter, Support & Housing Administration
City of Toronto
Metro Hall, 55 John Street, 6th floor
Toronto, ON M5V 3C6
Telephone: 416-392-4126