Are you passionate about creating safe and sustainable municipal infrastructure for one of the world’s most livable cities?


As a member of the City’s Engineering and Construction Services (ECS) division, you will be part of a highly esteemed and valued team of technical professionals – true city builders who are focused on creating the safe and sustainable municipal infrastructure that enhances the high quality of life for all of Toronto’s residents, businesses and visitors, and meets the city’s current and growing needs.

Staff in this team designs and constructs municipal infrastructure all across Toronto, everything from resurfacing local roads so as to extend service life, to embarking on multi-year, multi-million dollar wastewater treatment plant upgrades.

In 2018, ECS staff worked on:

  • two major downtown projects to upgrade vintage, cast-iron watermains –dating back to the late 1800s
  • reconstructing and resurfacing over 125 road lane kilometres of City streets, almost the distance from Hamilton to Oshawa
  • installing over 2.9 kilometres of sewer and 16 kilometres of watermain, the equivalent of the length of Yonge Street from Lake Ontario to Finch Avenue.

Projects that were started in 2018 and will carry on for the next few years include:

  • the new 3.5 km outfall tunnel at the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant, designed to help keep sewage and stormwater from overflowing into the Don River – and clean up the Lake Ontario shoreline
  • rebuilding of the F.G. Gardiner Expressway between Jarvis Street and Cherry Street, which will be the first major bridge project in Canada to use the Accelerated Bridge Construction method to reduce construction time by approximately 40 per cent (and reducing the amount of time road users are in traffic)

Every development application the City receives is reviewed by ECS staff. Like the Pan Am Sports Centre, redevelopment of the Honest Ed’s site, and the Humber Bay Shores development. With all the work that utilities and third parties are doing in Toronto – building new light rail transit, installing fibre optic networks, and upgrading hydroelectric infrastructure – there’s no shortage of work reviewing submissions. From 2015 to 2018 alone, the team reviewed almost 8,500 applications from utilities to perform work in the City’s Right of Way.

Staff who work on the Engineering Review team protect the City’s assets and infrastructure by:

  • providing maps to show where City infrastructure is located, which utilities and third parties can rely on to avoid disturbing underground pipes
  • analyzing and authorizing engineering plans from developers, utility companies and third parties (like Metrolinx) on changes to and the expansion of municipal infrastructure
  • assessing soil and groundwater quality, to ensure the City’s environment is protected.

Staff in the Engineering Support Services team provide vital support to the entire division so that projects are delivered efficiently, safely and meet the City’s standards and specifications. To do this, staff:

  • identify best practices and emerging trends that the City of Toronto can adopt – as new guidelines, standards, specifications, practices and procedures – for  municipal infrastructure
  • provide quality control in the field by inspecting construction and development projects as they are being built
  • prepare documents such as Requests for Proposals and Requests for Quotations for the procurement of professional and construction services and manage payments for all construction contracts and professional services agreements
  • survey road and sewer layouts for upcoming projects and perform legal  property surveys to ensure ownership attribution is correct

Recent Achievements:

  • Provided inspection oversight at over 40 municipal infrastructure construction sites, 275 development sites, and at 26 Metrolinx stations – certifying that City standards were met and existing assets were protected.
  • Processed construction contract payments valued at over $500 million in 2017.
  • Surveyed the  boundary of the Toronto Zoo, so that land could be added to the new Rouge National Urban Park.

Work Culture and Recognition

The ECS work culture is dynamic, inclusive and rewarding. We have nearly 600 highly skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds who all share a passion for public service and making a difference in the lives of Toronto residents, businesses and visitors.

Whatever your passion, we have a wide range of activities and initiatives to help make your career at ECS rewarding:

  • ECSellence Awards and Recognition program, to acknowledge ECS employees who best embody Toronto Public Service values.
  • ECS Social Committee, which plans regular events and activities.
  • Volunteer opportunities to inspire the next generation of engineering and construction professionals by actively engaging with students and their teachers, through events such as Take Our Kids to Work Day and by delivering specialized programming during National Engineering Month.
  • “Women in Construction”, a chapter of the Toronto Public Service Women’s Network, dedicated to supporting the growth and development of women in capital construction roles.
  • Engagement with post-secondary institutions, as Industry Advisors or Student Mentors.