Service Description

A Permit to demolish an existing house to allow a new house to be built on the site.

Service Outcome

Demolition Permit

All drawings to be done on standardized sized sheets, drawn to scale, fully dimensioned, signed and dated.

All drawings, reports, and forms, including the completed Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish, must be provided in a PDF format.

This guide is only applicable if you are proposing a replacement building on the same site. If you wish to apply for a permit to demolish a house where there will be no replacement building, please contact the district office responsible for the location of proposed demolition.

Survey or Grading Plan

Survey, or alternately a Grading Plan (referenced to a current survey), showing the size and location of the existing house to be demolished, as well as property lines and lot area.

Application to Construct or Demolish Form

Building Permit application form required for all submissions


Infill Public Notice Declaration Form

This is a declaration form to be submitted to Toronto Building in order for the Owner or authorised agent of the owner to request an electronic copy of the Residential Infill Public Notice from Toronto Building


Owner’s Acknowledgement of Demolition Control Conditions

Required when applying for a Demolition Permit to demolish a residential building/unit associated.


Municipal Road Damage Form

The applicant / owner is required to pay a damage deposit as a protection guarantee against damage to the curb, sidewalk, road, public laneway, boulevard and other services, as well as for tracking mud on City streets or failing to clear snow and ice from sidewalks while construction is in progress.


Schedule 1: Designer Information Form

Required for all designers, except Engineers and Architects when applying for any Construction Permit. Property Owners, if exempted, from Qualification / Certification, they must fill-in the form to specify the reason for exemption.


Tree Declaration Form

Required for all projects where there is a potential for damage to private or City trees. Applicant is also responsible to comply with other tree protection bylaws.

To submit an application by email please use the ‘Email’ button on top of the Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish.

Detailed steps for the email submission process are also available to assist in making your application.

Fee (per m², unless otherwise stated)

Effective Jan. 1, 2024

All Buildings and Occupancies $0.16
Environmental Review (in addition to Service Index) $953.21
Implosion (in addition to Service Index) $2,144.75


The permit fees shown above are shown as as Service Index per square metre of proposed work, unless otherwise specified. For full details of permit fee calculation and a complete list of fee rates, please see the Building Permit Fees page.

If you are demolishing your home, undertaking a major renovation or changing the use of your property, you may be eligible for a property tax rebate. Learn about who is eligible and how to apply for a property tax rebate.

You can opt out of waste collection services temporarily while renovating or demolishing a house. During your absence, the City will remove your bins. Once you are ready to resume service, you will need to opt back in.

Protect Your Privacy

Please do not include any personal information on your Building Plans (e.g., the homeowner’s name or phone number). Building Plans submitted for Permit are subject to disclosure in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).