NOTE: Email is not considered a secure form of transmission of personal information.


  1. Review the submission requirements listed in the Application Guide for your service request.
  2. Review the Electronic Submission Guidelines
  3. Complete and save copies of all required forms listed in the Application Guide. These forms will be attached to your email submission.
  4. Prepare drawings, and any additional information that your application may require. Save these in PDF format. Files must be unsecured and not password protected.
  5. Complete and sign the application form for your service request. For building permit applications, this is the Application to Construct or Demolish.
  6. Once the form is complete, click the “Email” button at the top of the form. This will open a new email window with the form attached.
  7. Attach all other documents and plans to the email and add the project address to the Subject line of the email. Press send, and the email will be sent to Note: The total size of the attachments cannot exceed 25 MB. If it does exceed this size, request an SFTP link in the body of the email message for sending large plans and other large files, instead of attaching them.
  8. An automatic confirmation email will be returned to you, acknowledging receipt of your submission.
  9. Customer service staff will review the submission within one business day to determine whether it is sufficient to make an application.
    1. If the application is sufficient: you will receive a Submission Status Letter requesting payment of the initial fees, and you may then make online or over the telephone via credit card, if the initial fees do not exceed $20,000(in aggregate per application). If initial fees exceed $20,000, then please contact customer service in order to make other payment arrangements such as payment by wire transfer.
    2. If the application is insufficient: the application examiner will reply by email with a Submission Status Letter indicating what additional items are required for an acceptable application.
  10. Once payment has been received, your application is accepted for review and assigned to a plan examiner. It will then be reviewed in full for compliance with the Ontario Building Code and all Applicable Law, including applicable Zoning Bylaws.
  11. During the Plan Review process, if the examiner identifies any deficiencies, a notice will be returned to the Applicant via email.
  12. Once your application has been reviewed and complies and all the fees have been paid, it will then be issued electronically. If additional permit fees are required, you will be notified via email, and be required to make payment prior to issuance of the permit.