As a part of our continuing efforts to enhance the customer experience, permit applications for smaller, less complex projects within a predefined scope will be processed through the Express Services stream.

The goal of this service is to expedite permit applications and make the permit-approval process faster and more efficient. The Express Services stream replaces Residential FASTRACK, Commercial Xpress and Sign Bylaw Unit services.

Types of Projects included in Express Services

Small Residential Projects Small Commercial Projects Sign Permits
  • Decks, Sheds, Porches
  • Garages and Carports
  • Residential Ancillary Structures
  • Interior Alterations
  • Basement Walkouts and Underpinning
  • Work impacting a party wall permitted with enhanced submission requirements
  • Minor fire damage repair
  • 1 to 2 unit conversions (no more than 2 unit dwellings per building)
  • Stand alone plumbing and drain permits
  • Interior Alterations to Assembly, Business, Industrial, Office and Retail Uses
    • Up to 300 square metres
    • Up to 600 square metres for office, retail uses and restaurants with less than 30 seats (Group D and E)
    • No change in use
    • No change in patron area
    • No active permits for building shell
  • Tents (including certified tents)
  • Minor fire damage repair
  • Stand-alone maglocks
●   First Party Signs
●   Third Party Signs

Types of Projects NOT included in Express Services

  • Additions to residential dwellings, laneway suites and garden suites
  • Properties requiring Heritage Approval, attached garages and carports and sign applications for master plans, variances and sign permits for more than three signs.
  • Revisions to permits for projects that included work outside the scope of Express Services
  • If you are looking to receive a notice to take to the Committee of Adjustment, please apply for a Zoning Applicable Law Certificate.

For further information, please contact

There are three methods for submitting an application to Express Services, based on the project type.

1) If your stand-alone residential project is listed below, apply through our online application portal by clicking on the applicable link:

Detached Carports: An unenclosed, covered structure over a parking spot, detached from an existing house.
Detached Garages: An enclosed garage that is detached from an existing house.
Decks: A deck which is attached to an existing house, or a detached deck which will have a finished deck level more than 60 cm (24 inches) above the adjacent finished grade.
Porches: A porch or verandah which is attached to an existing house.
Ancillary Structures: An accessory structure such as a shed, pool cabana, or other similar small structures which are ancillary to an existing house.

2) For all other small residential and commercial Express Services project types, please verify the required documentation and apply via email to


3) For all sign permit applications, please verify the required documentation and apply via email to

1) Apply for your permit as described above. If submitting via the online portal, you may return to your partially completed to submitted application anytime via this link.

2) Once the application has been submitted, it will be assessed by our intake staff. If any required documentation is missing or incorrect, you will be notified, and the application will need to be re-submitted. If the application is submitted with all required documentation, it will be processed and an Examiner will review the application within 3 days.

3) Depending on the outcome of the review, the examiner may:

  • Request payment of the permit fee. Once the permit fee is received, the permit will be issued.
  • Email and/or call the applicant to resolve minor deficiencies. If the deficiencies are resolved the examiner will request payment and then issue the permit. If no resolution is achieved, the application will be cancelled and the applicant will be asked to re-apply once the issues have been resolved.
  • Cancel the application due to major deficiencies. The applicant will be notified of these issues via email and asked to re-apply once they have been addressed.
  • If there is an outstanding violation(s) on the property and it is determined that Express Services is unable to issue the building permit, payment of the application fee will be requested and the application will be re-directed for further review.

4) If payment of the application fee is requested, the fee must be paid by the due date prescribe in the communication from the examiner. Otherwise, the application will be cancelled.
If cancelled, a new application will need to be submitted for review. Applicants should actively monitor their email for correspondence from the City once their application has been submitted.

5) Once the permit is issued (typically within one business day after payment of the application fee), applicants will be able to request an inspection online or via the telephone booking service.
For any additional queries, please contact