SAP Ariba is the City of Toronto’s chosen e-bidding solution. The tool makes it easy for suppliers to download solicitations documents free of charge through the SAP Ariba Discovery Portal, and upload more complete bids because of the easy to follow workflow.

The Supplier Lifecycle Performance Module (SLP) went live on October 1, 2021. This cloud based solution provides suppliers with an opportunity to manage and update profile information anytime from anywhere the internet is available. The opportunity to collect relevant supplier data will support the City of Toronto’s communication and procurement related programs.

Suppliers who are currently registered with the City of Toronto in SAP Ariba will receive a request to update their supplier information as part of the new detailed registration process beginning October 1, 2021.

New Suppliers who have not previously registered with the City of Toronto, and who are interested in viewing and bidding on City of Toronto solicitations can register by going to the City of Toronto’s Registration Page.

Solicitation documents and Notices of Intended Procurement will continue to be advertised on the City of Toronto website using the Online Call Document System. An SAP Ariba research posting link within the advertisement will direct you to the SAP Ariba Discovery portal. To help suppliers become familiar with the SAP Ariba registration and response experience, please access the materials in the SAP Ariba Supplier Guide and Mock Solicitations section.

For more information, please visit the SLP Information Sessions section.

Buying Groups

The City is a member of the following Buying Groups:


The City is also able to access the Province of Ontario’s Vendors of Record and the Federal Government’s Cooperative Procurements.  See the Cooperative Purchasing Process for how to access those types of cooperative procurements.


As a supplier for the City of Toronto, the first step you need to take to bid on solicitations that are posted on the Ariba Discovery portal is to register your company and identify your interest in City of Toronto business.

To register, go to the City of Toronto’s Registration Page, and follow the instructions. Please take into consideration that there is a three-day processing time to approve registration.

If you are already registered on the SAP Ariba Network, you will need to go to the Registration page to register your account with the City of Toronto. Once you have registered, please note that you will receive electronic notifications when public Solicitations (Request for Proposals, Request for Quotations, Request for Tenders, etc.) are issued for those commodities that are listed on your profile.

To receive Notices of Intended Procurement, suppliers can also register with the Online Call Document System, as SAP Ariba only provides notifications for live solicitations.

Please see the “SLP Information Sessions” section below to learn more.

In preparation for joining the SAP Ariba Network to bid on City of Toronto opportunities:

The SAP Ariba Supplier Guide and mock solicitations have been created to support Suppliers interested in doing business with the City of Toronto. The guide includes detailed information about how to register and provides training materials to support testing the mock Request for Tender, Request for Quotation and Request for Proposal. These simulated events can be used for practice purposes and accessed from the links here:

Please see the Supplier Guide for supporting information. While we aim to provide fully accessible content, there is no text alternative available for some of the content. If you require alternate formats or need assistance understanding this PDF, please contact us at 416-397-4141 or

Suppliers are reminded to register on the SAP Ariba Network.

Suppliers may browse advertised opportunities using the Online Call Document System for an up-to-date list of Request for Proposals (RFPs), Request for Quotations (RFQs), Request for Expression of Interest (REOI), and Tenders.

The Online Call Document System lists City of Toronto solicitations that include an electronic link to SAP Ariba Discovery and are captured here below in the following areas:

In addition, the City may leverage buying groups to either do joint procurements or piggyback off existing contracts.  The City may leverage contracts from:

Suppliers should also look to those websites to be able to participate in those procurements that the City may take advantage of in the future.

All solicitation closings are in accordance to the Municipal Code, Purchasing Bylaw, Chapter 195. Specific language regarding closing is outlined in each solicitation.

Paper Bid Bonds will be accepted via the Tender Office at City Hall, West Tower, on the 19th floor, until such time as all bidders make the transition to Electronic Bid bonds. In specific cases where the electronic transmission of files greater than 100Mb is not supported, CD’s will be couriered (upon request) or can be picked up in person at City Hall, West Tower on the 19th floor.

Any supplier wishing to withdraw a response submitted with no further intention of re-submitting must complete the Withdrawal of Bid – Request letter. The completed letter must be sent to the PMMD Buyer through the Event Messaging Board in the City of Toronto’s current online procurement system, SAP Ariba.

Ensure that your company is not suspended or disqualified from bidding for City of Toronto contracts by checking the list of Suspended and Disqualified Firms.

The City of Toronto is implementing the new Supplier Lifecycle Performance (SLP) module. This tool is used to onboard, manage, and segment suppliers. It will be integrated with the SAP Ariba Sourcing module currently in place at the City of Toronto, supporting a smooth transition for supplier registration and maintenance.

Please note that the July 2021 info sessions have been completed. To review the slides from this presentation, as well as commonly asked questions, please see the SLP Info Session Guide attached. While we aim to provide fully accessible content, there is no text alternative available for some of the content. If you require alternate formats or need assistance understanding this PDF, please contact us at 416-397-4141 or

A recording of this session can be found on the City of Toronto’s Youtube page.

For more information, please visit SAP Ariba Frequently Asked Questions.