The City’s Human Rights and Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy requires that all individuals and organizations who receive a contract, agreement or permit with the City sign a Declaration of Compliance with Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Legislation and City Policy (DOC). Individuals and organizations in a contractual relationship with the City must agree to comply with provincial legislation including the Human Rights Code, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act and relevant City policies. Failure to comply may result in the termination of the contract with the City.

Businesses and organizations working with the City need to meet accessibility standards and operate within the policies and guidelines that govern accessibility for employees and service recipients of the City in terms of services and products sold to the City, as well as treatment of their own employees and contractors.

The City of Toronto’s Social Procurement Program is an initiative that aims to utilize the purchasing capacity of the City to promote training and business opportunities for the City’s diverse population and vulnerable groups. The Social Procurement Program has two components: Supply Chain Diversity and Workforce Development. Requests for Proposals will either outline specific social procurement requirements or will ask vendors to propose how they would incorporate social procurement into their work.