Report human rights, harassment or accommodation-related concerns to your supervisor/manager if you are a City of Toronto employee. You can submit the Employee Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Form (DOC) to your supervisor/manager and/or consult your union.

If you are a job applicant you should report human rights or accommodation-related concerns to the People & Equity division. If City management or People & Equity have not been able to address your human rights, harassment, or accommodation concerns, City of Toronto employees and job applicants may contact the Human Rights Office for confidential advice and information about their rights and complaints resolution options. You can call 416-392-8383 or email

If you have questions or need information about accessibility at the City, you may call 416-338-2632 or email If you have a complaint about accessibility or a disability-related barrier at the City, please contact the Human Rights Office.

You can submit a concern to the Human Rights Office using our confidential secure online complaint form.
Human Rights Complaint Form

The City of Toronto’s Human Rights Office provides advice, information and assistance regarding human rights, workplace harassment and accommodation issues involving City of Toronto employment and job applications.

If you are unsure whether or not your human rights or accommodation concern involves employment or a job application with the City of Toronto, you may call the Human Rights Office at 416-392-8383 or email

The Human Rights Office has no jurisdiction over Toronto City Council, its committees, Members of Local Boards, or over the City’s various Agencies or Corporations (e.g., the Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto Police Services, Toronto Community Housing etc.)

For complaints concerning Toronto City Council, Committee members or Members of a Local Board please call the Integrity Commissioner at 416-392-3826. If your complaint concerns one of the City’s Agencies or Corporations you may call 311 for contact information so that you can file a complaint directly with the organization.

If you have a human rights complaint regarding employment but you are not a City of Toronto employee or job applicant (e.g., discriminatory treatment by a private employer), you may call the Human Rights Legal Support Centre at 416-597-4900.

If you have a workplace harassment or workplace sexual harassment complaint involving a non-City employer, please report the incidents to your employer and/or consult your union.  To notify the Ministry of Labour about an incident, please call their Health & Safety Contact Centre at 1-877-202-0008.

If you have a human rights complaint regarding employment that is within federal jurisdiction (e.g., discriminatory treatment by a bank or telecommunications company), you may call the Canadian Human Rights Commission at 1-888-214-1090.

If you require accommodation in order to meet a job duty/requirement at the City, or to participate in a City of Toronto job application process, you may wish to review the City’s Accommodation PolicyAccommodation Procedures and the Accommodation Guidelines that apply to you:

The Request/Document Accommodation Plans Form (DOC) can be used by employees and job applicants to request accommodation within the City’s accommodation process. Please fill in the form and submit the completed form to your supervisor/manager if you are a City employee, or to the City’s People & Equity division if you are a City job applicant.

If you require assistance in completing the accommodation request form, City employees should speak with their supervisor and/or union. Job applicants should speak with People & Equity division.

If you have accommodation concerns that your supervisor, union or People & Equity are not able to address, you may contact the City’s Human Rights Office at 416-392-8383 or email

In your accommodation request, you will need to provide details on your restrictions/functional limitations which prevent you from meeting your job requirements or from fully participating in a City of Toronto job competition. Understanding Functional Limitations provides information to assist you in identifying restrictions/functional limitations that require accommodation.