Toronto Fire Services fire prevention and enforcement strategies aim to increase public safety and awareness. Toronto Fire Services is guided by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 (FPPA) and regulations under the FPPA, like the Ontario Fire Code. Inspections are initiated routinely for certain occupancy types, or by request or complaint.

Through this portal you will find a listing of Fire Prevention inspection results for highrise residential properties as of January 1, 2017. This portal indicates properties where violations have been found by an Inspector which are required to be fixed for compliance at the time with the Ontario Fire Code as well as properties with no observable violations. “Opened” refers to the date an inspection is started and “closed” indicates the date when the inspection process ended.

Inspections that have commenced and are ongoing will not be available on the portal until all related processes have ended. Any buildings that have an immediate threat to occupant or firefighter safety are required to implement temporary measures until Fire Code violations are corrected.

Information for the respective addresses is available by clicking on the Details button. Inspections that resulted in no observable violations of the Ontario Fire Code will be highlighted in green. Inspections that resulted in violations and the violations have been fixed will be highlighted in orange.

For information on violations see the Ontario Fire Code


 Inspections with no violations   Inspections that resulted in violations and violations have been fixed