The City of Toronto Honour Guard is the official ceremonial guard for the City of Toronto and is made up of veterans and volunteers who have committed to a minimum of three years of hard work, discipline and service. Today, there is one platoon of approximately 20 members.

Uniform & Flag

The Honour Guard wear scarlet uniforms based on the Governor General’s Horse Guard uniform, a Household Regiment based in Toronto. They are cavalry type uniforms, complete with spurs.

The Honour Guard carry a flag based on the City’s Coat of Arms that was granted by the Canadian Heraldic Authority in January 1999.


The City of Toronto Honour Guard formed in 1929 with three platoons of more than 60 active guardsmen and officers. At the time they were known as the Toronto Civic Employees War Veteran’s Association (TCEWVA) and later the Toronto Civic Honour Guard. In 2018, they became known as the City of Toronto Honour Guard.

The Honour Guard was formed to represent Toronto militarily in parades and to be the receiving honour guard for visiting dignitaries.


The Honour Guard participates in civic ceremonies to greet dignitaries such as the Governor General, members of the Royal Family, Heads of State and Government and other officials. They participate in parades, services and competitions across Canada and the United States of America. Events include but are not limited to:

  • Community parades
  • Flag Day
  • D-Day
  • Canada Day
  • Remembrance Day – the Guard Commander is the parade marshal at the Old City Hall ceremony.
  • Memorial Day (USA)
  • Veteran’s Day (USA)
  • Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day (USA)

In 2018, the Honour Guard received:

  • First place for Best Visiting Colour Party at the parade in Phelps, New York
  • Second place for Best Performing Colour Party in the Warriors’ Day Parade

In 1997, the Honour Guard traveled from one end of Newfoundland to the other to escort the ship “The Matthew” from port to port.

In 1995, the Honour Guard accompanied the Irish Regiment of Canada to Holland for the Commemoration of the Liberation of Holland.

In 1994, the Honour Guard traveled to England for a marching show of massed bands.