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Return to a home you never knew you missed with a visit to Gibson House Museum, a 19th-century farmhouse hidden between the high-rises of North York at 5172 Yonge St. (Yonge/Sheppard). Step across the threshold and back in time to the 1850s kitchen. Feel welcomed by the warm aroma of wood smoke and beeswax.  

Everyday Technology: Past, Present & Future

Technology exists all around us today, and some modern technology is based on the technologies of the past. To consider some examples of this, students try their hand at making scones and churning butter, complete one of the steps in making fabric and find out how toys can be both simple and complex. 

In this program, students will:  

  • Work in the historic kitchen to test out kitchen technologies of the past and learn how they are used today by making scones and churning butter
  • Try carding fleece or weaving to learn how the process of making fabrics is mostly mechanized today but works in the same way as the past 
  • Play with historic toys to see how seemingly simple toys use optical illusions, complex mechanisms and energy provided by the person playing with toys.


1.5 hours

Group Size

15 to 45 students


$5.31 plus HST per student

One supervisor free per 15 students or part thereof. $5.31 plus HST per additional supervisor.

Optional: bring your own lunch and eat on site for $25 plus HST per half hour.


Please advise of accessibility needs when contacting the museum.

Ontario Curriculum Connections

Grade 1 Social Studies: Heritage and Identity: Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities, A 

Grade 1 Science and Technology: Matter and Energy, C

Grade 2 Social Studies: Heritage and Identity: Changing Family and Community Traditions, A

Grade 2 Science and Technology: Matter and Energy, C

Grade 3 Social Studies: Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada, 1780–1850, A

Grade 3 Science and Technology: Matter and Energy, C