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It’s the time when Toronto experienced increased immigration, the vote for women, the stock market crash, prohibition and the introduction of public health and welfare. It’s also the time of the Charleston craze, tabloid journalism, new technology and more. And it can all be seen, heard, felt and lived at Spadina Museum located at 285 Spadina Rd. (Spadina/St. Clair). It is Toronto’s only museum to represent the 1920s and 30s, a transformative period that dramatically changed the city.  

There is a space with chairs for students to eat lunch. Spadina Museum is surrounded by six acres of gardens which groups are free to enjoy before or after the program.

World After War: Consumer Culture in the 1920s

This popular program uses critical thinking and the historic context of the Canadian economy in the 1920s to teach financial literacy skills. Students consider how people from diverse backgrounds were affected by the economy in the 1920s. The immersive environment of Spadina Museum coupled with research into the lives of specific people who lived in Toronto and the game-like structure of the program makes this program a unique learning experience for students.

In this program, students will:

  • Communicate and collaborate with their classmates to guide their character and budget through different experiences and unforeseen circumstances
  • Gain an understanding of how the diversity of characters featured in the game offers opportunities for gaining new insight into the differing experiences of Torontonians living in the 1920s.


2 hours

Group Size

15 to 45 students


$5.31 plus HST per student

One supervisor free per 15 students or part thereof. $5.31 plus HST per additional supervisor.


Please advise of accessibility needs when contacting museum.

Ontario Curriculum Connections

Grade 10 History: Canadian History Since World War I 

Grade 11 History: History World History since 1900: Global and Regional Interactions 

Grade 12 History: Canada: History, Identity, and Culture 

Grade 11 Economics: The Individual and the Economy 

Grade 12 Economics: Making Personal Economic Choices