If you are a City of Toronto employee, you should report human rights, harassment or accommodation-related concerns to your supervisor/manager. You can submit the Employee Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Form (DOC) to your supervisor/manager and/or consult your union. If you are a City of Toronto job applicant you should report human rights or accommodation-related concerns to the Human Resources division.

If City management or Human Resources have not been able to address your human rights, harassment, or accommodation concerns, City of Toronto employees and job applicants may contact the Human Rights Office for confidential advice and information about their rights and complaints resolution options. You can call 416-392-8383 or email humanrights@toronto.ca.

If you have questions or need information about accessibility at the City, you may call 416-338-2632 or email accessibility@toronto.ca. If you have a complaint about accessibility or a disability-related barrier at the City, please contact the Human Rights Office.

You can submit a concern to the Human Rights Office using our confidential secure online complaint form.
Human Rights Complaint Form

Is the City’s Human Rights Office Able to Help You?