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Grow your own food

Gardening can be therapeutic, fun and save you money. Consider planting a backyard vegetable garden, or adding some edible plants into your flower garden. You’ll reap the benefits of growing your own food all season long.

Community Gardening
You don’t have to garden on your own property to enjoy the benefits of home-grown produce. Here are some other ways to enjoy growing your own food:

Find helpful growing tips in these videos:

Need help harvesting your fruit trees?

When Toronto’s fruit-tree owners can’t harvest their bounty, Not Far From The Tree dispatches teams of volunteers to pick fruit that would otherwise go to waste.

In 2009 alone, from 124 trees, they harvested over 8,000 pounds of delicious, virtually chemical-free fruit and split the bounty equally among fruit-tree owners, social service agencies and volunteers. This year, hundreds more tree owners will take part, helping to spread public awareness about how to eat locally.

Grow your own food resources:

City of Toronto local food resources:

Local Food certification programs: