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Apartment or condo dweller?

Living green applies to our whole city. After all, half of Torontonians live in apartments or condos. So doing your part will quickly add up. Besides, conserving water, waste and energy not only impacts the environment, it could also impact your rent or condo fees.

Want to see what others are doing? Several condo and apartment complexes have won Green Toronto Awards for their success in going green.

Tips for Saving Energy and Water

Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) has some great tips and advice for apartment and condo dwellers.

Retrofit your building

Want to improve the energy efficiency of your building? Check out these City of Toronto programs to help improve energy performance:

  • Better Buildings Partnership
    Promotes and implements energy efficiency and building-renewal retrofits in industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings.

  • Eco-Roof Incentive Program
    Financial incentives are available to help install green and cool roofs on Toronto’s commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Waste diversion in apartments and condos

Videos of interest: