The future of entertainment is here. The Creative Technology sector is an economic and creative powerhouse. Creative technology is a $2 billion, and growing, industry.  It leverages Toronto’s greatest strengths: content production, technology and creativity.

Video Games

Video game production is currently the key creative technology industry in Toronto, with the majority of Ontario’s 298 video game companies housed here. Toronto is home to incredible indie studios as well as major studios. These studios employ the majority of Ontario’s 7000 skilled video game workers and provide indirect labour impact through spin-offs such as tourism and other industries that supply the video game industry. This sector continues to grow and provide high-quality jobs.

Esports is also a key sector within the video game industry as Toronto is poised to be a premier Canadian and North American hub for esports. As an event-based sector, esports brings vibrancy to cities through ongoing community events and activities, as well as larger events that drive tourism from both local and out-of-city esports enthusiasts.


Toronto is also a hotbed of leading-edge discovery in the Immersive industry consisting of Artificial Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Realty (XR), immersive experiences, web3, the metaverse, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a range of other platforms and technologies. New forms of entertainment are being developed by Toronto’s creative and leading-edge companies that are experienced by audiences in a variety of forms, all around the world.

Video Game and Immersive are growing sectors and are powerful engines for employment and investment. The City of Toronto’s Creative Technology unit provides sectoral support to enable the industry to increase its significant local, national and global impact.

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