One of the top design centres in the world, Toronto’s employs 24,700 designers who collectively earn $2.4B in annual wages. The diverse sector—made up of architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, fashion designers, and industrial and interior designers—has grown faster than its counterparts elsewhere in Ontario or Canada.

  • Architects – 31.3%
  • Interior Designer – 29.6%
  • Graphic Designers – 28%
  • Other Specialized Areas (includes theatre, fashion and exhibits) – 5.1%
  • Landscape Architects – 4.5%
  • Industrial Designers – 1.5%

[Sector data is derived from a number of sources including the Labour Force Survey, 2006 Census, 2011 National Household Survey, Canadian Business Counts, and the City of Toronto’s Employment Survey. The methodology used to identify clusters and their sizes is based on methodology used by the Institute of Competitiveness and Prosperity in its 2017 Cluster Study. Note that design jobs transcend the traditional boundaries of the sector—as an enabling sector, design employment is found in industries that may not be captured in the above employment statistics.]Distribution of jobs in the design sector in Toronto, by sub-sector: architects 31.3 percent of sector jobs; interior designer 29.6 percent of sector jobs; graphic designers 28 percent of sector jobs; other specialized areas (including theatre, fashion and exhibits) 5.1 percent of sector jobs; landscape architects 4.5 percent of sector jobs; industrial designers 1.5 percent of sector jobs

  • Design Industry Advisory Committee
    A research-based think tank established by the City of Toronto in 2001, the Design Industry Advisory Committee works with all levels of government to deliver sector-wide advocacy and support.
  • Shop Toronto Design
    A directory of Toronto-designed fashion, accessories and home furnishings hosted on the City of Toronto website.