Expert talent, high-speed communications and industry-leading research and development have made Toronto a global hub for IT and new media development. Employing over 90,000 people, Toronto’s technology sector contributes more than $8B in annual employee wages.

  • Computer Systems Design & Related Services – 60.2%
  • Telecommunications – 21.2%
  • Computer & Electronic Product Manufacturing – 7%
  • Software Publishers – 3%
  • Electronic & Precision Equipment Manufacturing – 1.6%
  • Internet Service Providers, Web Search & Data Processing Services – 1.5%

[Sector data is derived from a number of sources including the Labour Force Survey, 2006 Census, 2011 National Household Survey, Canadian Business Counts, and the City of Toronto’s Employment Survey. The methodology used to identify clusters and their sizes is based on methodology used by the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity in its 2017 Cluster Study.]

Distribution of jobs in the technology sector in Toronto, by sub-sector: computer systems design and related services 60.2 percent of sector jobs; telecommunications 21.2 percent of sector jobs; computer and electronic product manufacturing 7 percent of sector jobs; software publishers 3 percent of sector jobs; electronic and precision equipment manufacturing 1.6 percent of sector jobs; internet service providers, web search and data processing services 1.5 percent of sector jobs

[While not comprehensive, the above list provides a snapshot of Toronto’s diverse Technology sector and some of the companies located here.]