The interactive digital media sector is an economic and creative powerhouse. Interactive digital media (IDM) leverages Toronto’s greatest strengths: content production, technology and a diverse workforce.

Video game production is currently the key IDM industry in Toronto, and includes major studios and indie game startups. It is supported by many educational and training programs that create pathways to employment. In addition, gaming technologies advance the growth of established industries like film and television production, post-production, VFX, and animation, as these sectors embrace virtual production driven by game engine software. Esports and immersive experiences (augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, installations) are expanding quickly and impacting the city through providing more local jobs and building digital tourism destinations.

Along with these more established technologies, Toronto also is a hotbed of leading-edge discovery in areas such as artificial intelligence, web3, the metaverse and other technologies that enable new forms of entertainment and creativity.

All of theseĀ  growing sectors are powerful engines for employment and investment, and the City of Toronto’s Interactive Digital Media unit provides sectoral support to enable Toronto’s IDM industry to increase its significant local, national and global impact.