The North View of the Tomb Erected on the Reserved Portion of High Park, Toronto, By Mr. John G. Howard, Architect, in Memory of his Beloved Wife, and in Readiness for Himself.
The City of Toronto Museums Collection, 1978.41.36

Jemima’s worsening health inspired John Howard to prepare for the eventuality of both of their deaths. In 1874 he designed a tomb for them both and began to build it. The stone cairn that forms the base of the tomb honours Jemima’s Scottish heritage. The pedestal surmounted with a Maltese cross is representative of John Howard’s membership in the Masonic Knights Templar3.

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Photo of Plaque on Tomb’s Railing

Howard recorded in his diary that the tomb’s railing was removed from St. Paul’s Cathedral in London but, there is no evidence to support this claim. Staff open gates to the tomb on the annual Haunted High Park walk. Look for details on the event page of the Colborne Lodge website each October.