Three key City strategies are in place to advance the decarbonization of all homes and buildings in Toronto. Together, they will work to reduce emissions from buildings to net zero by 2040.

1. Existing Buildings: Net Zero Strategy

Toronto’s net zero existing buildings strategy will require the owners of all privately-owned homes and buildings in Toronto to decarbonize their buildings by 2040, with support from the City of Toronto.

Adopted by Toronto City Council in 2021, the Strategy outlines nine key policy actions that the City will take to accelerate the uptake of retrofits by home and building owners, while maximizing potential benefits and minimizing potential harms to building owners and tenants.

  1. Require building owners in the city of Toronto to annually report and disclose their building’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions performance.
  2. Establish GHG emissions performance targets for all building types
  3. Require building owners to conduct energy and emissions audits and tune-ups to inform retrofit roadmaps to achieve net zero emissions
  4. Provide support to reduce the complexity, costs and time associated with building retrofits
  5. Expand the enhance retrofit financing for building owners.
  6. Streamline the permitting and approval process for deep retrofits.
  7. Build awareness and capacity of building owners to undertake emissions reduction measures.
  8. Support workforce development and training.
  9. Advocate and partner with other orders of government to ensure appropriate authorities and funding.

For more information on the City’s plans to introduce Emissions Performance Reporting requirements, please view the backgrounder document.

2. New Buildings/Development: Toronto Green Standard

The Toronto Green Standard is Toronto’s sustainable design and performance requirements for new private and city-owned developments. Financial incentives are offered through the Development Charge Refund Program for eligible and verified Tier 2 or better, high performance, low emissions projects. Find out more.

3. City-owned Buildings: Net Zero Carbon Plan

The City of Toronto continues to implement programs to support its net zero emissions and waste targets. The City is leading by example by reducing the environmental impact and operating costs of its corporate buildings. Find out more.