Budgets for Councillor offices (2018)

The City Council annual operating budget provides the funding to support Councillor operations. Within the City Council operating budget, Councillors are provided with resources through several budgets:

  • Constituency Services and Office Budget (per Councillor): $33,420.22
  • Staffing Budget (per Councillor): $238,039.83, excluding benefits
  • Additional funding for office set-up, equipment and communication
  • Additional funding for travel when representing Council

Further details:

Operating budget for Mayor’s office (2018)

The Mayor’s Office has an operating budget for payroll and non-payroll expenses instead of a Constituency Services and Office Budget and a Councillor Staffing Budget.

Mayor’s Office expenses are guided by certain sections of the Constituency Services and Office Budget Policy. How the policy applies to the Mayor’s Office is detailed in section 4.2.1 of the policy.

  • $2,250,971.64 (includes staffing budget)

All budgets are pro-rated in an election year.