In 2021, the City launched an 18-month review of the City’s public engagement methods, standards and resources to consider ways to deliver more inclusive, accessible and relevant engagement with the public, particularly Indigenous, Black and equity-deserving communities.

The Public Engagement Review aims to answer two questions:

  • How can the City better support public engagement opportunities with all Torontonians?
  • How can the City build trust and a stronger relationship with the public?

City staff are using a range of methods to invite feedback and ideas, including surveys, interviews and small-group discussions. Staff are also reviewing public feedback and insights previously shared with the City, and looking at research and best practices from other municipalities around the world.

The findings from the Public Engagement Review will be posted on this page in early 2023 and will inform future City engagement strategies, policies and processes.

If you have questions or would like to offer feedback, please email

Surveys for the public, engagement practitioners and other municipalities closed on September 16, 2022.  Staff are now reviewing the comments and information provided.

The City is currently working with local community partners to host small-group discussions with Black, Indigenous and equity-deserving communities to collect additional perspectives.

The City engages with the public in many ways, every day. The public can offer feedback on a single topic or larger plans through opportunities such as participating in a virtual or in-person meeting, joining a City advisory group, answering a survey, submitting comments to a Council committee, interacting with individual staff and by calling or connecting with 311.

This participation helps strengthen the relationship between the City and the public, and shape Toronto’s policies, programs, and services to meet the diverse needs of Torontonians.

Learn more about opportunities to participate: