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Please see the monthly photo update.

Please see the monthly update.

Opening Little Park!

Little Park/Summerhill Entrance will be opened on Friday, January 28, in the afternoon, after the fencing is readjusted to the Valve House and bollards are installed near the Summerhill Avenue Entrance. Access to Little Park is possible through the Summerhill Avenue, Summerhill Gardens or Woodlawn Avenue entrances. The contractor may also be installing doors on the lending library.

The contractor will also return in the Spring to complete the piping installation, within a chamber near the Summerhill entrance, required for the drinking water fountain. They will also be in the area in Spring to do any needed touch-ups (paint, plantings, grass seeding), and to install the heritage valve (public art), near the Valve House, as a crane is required.

Remaining park sections

The contractor will be continuing to work over the winter, primarily on the Water Feature/Centennial Monument located at Rosehill Avenue, whereas progress in the remaining sections of the park will be slower during freezing temperatures and snow buildup.

There are still outstanding items at the areas around Jackes and Rosehill entrances that require warm weather for completion. The City will be working with the contractor to facilitate the completion of the rest of the park in its entirety for a Summer opening. Thank you for your patience.

Restricted Access to the worksite

We would like to remind all neighbours that the Park is still an active construction site. The contractor is responsible for the safety and security of the worksite and may contact Emergency Services for anyone found trespassing. Any injury or incident on the worksite will trigger an investigation by the Ministry of Labour and require an immediate stop to any/all work leading to unnecessary delays.

Work will continue through the winter break. We are looking to complete the installation of the remaining amenities in Little Park/Summerhill entrance through the end of December and into January: heritage valve, concrete bench, drinking fountain and lighting.

Once these items are installed and the contractor has realigned the construction hoarding to the Valve House, they will be able to open Little Park (only) to the community. We hope to provide you with good news in mid- to late-January. Thank you for your patience.

Please see the photo update.

Permit Parking: Deliveries requiring the use of street permit parking spaces have finished. temporary street parking permits have been opened back up to the community. To book a temporary permit for on-street permit parking, please visit and click on Temporary On-Street Parking. For information on by-law enforcement please see the City’s 311 webpage with additional information on the Toronto Police Services page.

Please see the photo update.

Park Re-opening: We do not yet have a date to provide the community for a partial park re-opening. We will send an email letting you know when the project team has reviewed the completed installation and has confirmed the area(s) and date for the re-opening.

Apologies for the late notice. Work to repair a sewer pipe from the Avoca Parks Yard building located in the northeast corner of the park near the Avoca Garden Beds will be taking place on Monday, October 25 and is expected to be completed in mid-November. The sidewalk on the east side of Avoca Avenue will be restricted by the work zone. One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained in each direction on Avoca.

Please see the notice for more information.

Please see the monthly update.

We would like to provide a brief update based on some requests we’ve received over the last few weeks.

  • Work has been taking place at various parts of the park, including the Summerhill Entrance (Little Park), Jackes and along Rosehill, so they are not always easily visible to residents in tall buildings. Crews did not schedule to work late last week due to the rainy weather that was expected.
  • Summerhill Entrance/Little Park: We are waiting for key finishing elements to be delivered to complete the remaining work in Little Park. We recently encountered installation issues with the underground water chamber that will service the drinking water fountain, which required additional efforts of the project team to provide a solution for the contractor to implement.
  • Grass on the plateau: We have received photos from neighbours in apartment towers with a view of the park showing us patches of brown grass which did not take after it was laid down last Fall. We are reviewing this issue with the team to determine solutions to address this deficiency under the terms of the contract.

Why can’t areas of the park be opened now?

The landscape contractor is responsible to install the remaining enhancements throughout the park following the consultation process for the final design (June 2020 notice). We are monitoring the contractor’s progress and will open area(s) of the park when the installation of the enhancements have been completed. Attempting to open up portions of the park that have incomplete installation is not an option as it poses public safety and liability concerns that the City cannot assume.

We understand the frustration that things are moving slowly and appreciate your patience as we resolve unforeseen issues and install the remaining park enhancements. We will provide a date to the community when the project team has reviewed the completed installation and have confirmed that an area(s) is safe to open to the public.

Thank you again for your ongoing patience.

Please see the photo update.

The contractors will be removing 11 trees near the Rosehill entrance over the next few weeks. These tree removals are required to install the accessibility ramps to the plateau/open green space area of the park. Please see page 2 in Construction Notice #9 that was issued earlier this Spring.

Please see the monthly photo update.

Tree removal

We recently discovered a break in the sewer connection behind the Avoca Parks Yard building. The reservoir contractor will be undertaking this emergency work and to expedite this process to remove a tree (sugar maple) that is in poor health. Urban Forestry has authorized this removal so that work can start late next week, Thursday July 15 or Friday July 16. This emergency work is expected to take 1 to 2 weeks. This tree will be incorporated into the tree replacement plan.

Jackes Driveway

The contractor will also be resurfacing the driveway in front of 44 Jackes, to return it to original condition after the watermain tie-in was completed (Update #23 and #25).

We are continuing to review the contractor’s progress to determine if a portion of the park can be opened prior to Summer 2022. We will share any good news with the community once the contractor is closer to confirming this.

Thank you for your patience.

Please see monthly photo update.

Due to the rain we are expecting today, the landscape contractor will not be pouring concrete in the Little Park/Summerhill Entrance driveway and will not be power washing it on Saturday July 3.

Apologies for the short notice. Instead of working on Friday July 2, the reservoir contractor will be working on Thursday July 1, Canada Day. Work will start at 7 a.m. and completed by 5 p.m. We do not expect the work to be noisy.

The landscape contractor will be working on Saturday July 3, to power wash the Little Park driveway. We expect this work to be completed by 4 p.m.

The on-street parking restrictions at the foot of Little Park will continue to be required for the landscape contractor to deliver and carry out work in the south area of the Park. See notice and flyer, which the contractor may have placed on windshields.

The contractor will be pouring concrete at the Jackes node tomorrow and will be power washing it on Saturday starting at 7 a.m. and expected to finish by noon.


Please see photo update with work progress.

Apologies for the short notice. This weekend, the contractor will be installing the walkways inside the Garden. The contractor is carrying this out to complete the work on the east side to meet their July 2021 end date.

Work will take place in the Garden on both Saturday June 5 and Sunday June 6 from 7:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We would like to provide an update as the landscape contractor started last week to separate a work zone on the west side of the park around Jackes Avenue. They will start working on the Jackes Avenue park entrance node and plantings. Then they will expand construction fencing around Little Park on May 18 to start work at the Summerhill Entrance.

The landscape contractor’s schedule is expected to be completed in Summer 2022. See Construction Notice #9.  We realize this is a significant delay and impact to the community and will continue to look for opportunities, as the landscape contractor progresses, to reopen areas that are completed back to the community before this end date.

We will also provide monthly photo updates of work progress in the park starting in June – please sign up at

I’d like to provide an update on the park installation on top of Rosehill Reservoir as we know that everyone is eager to use this green space as some of you have seen the progress especially located on the plateau.

What is the status of the park installation?

We are currently in a transition from the reservoir contractor, who installed a few park elements, to the landscape contractor, who will be installing the enhanced set of park elements. We are in process of confirming both contractors’ schedules and require the completion of the majority of the work by the reservoir contractor before the landscape contractor can start their work.

Please see some photos of work that has been completed.

When will the park be fully or partially opened?

Before the landscape contractor is ready to start, we will provide an update on their expected start and end dates in a Construction Notice. Unforeseen reservoir interior repairs, COVID-19 related delays & weather-dependent park elements has affected the transition period and this project’s overall completion date for this spring.

We are aware of the community’s love for this park and need for green space especially with the stay-at-home direction. We apologize that this park will not be available to provide relief and enjoyment for you and your neighbours this spring as originally projected.

When will the hoarding be installed around Little Park/Summerhill Entrance?

Once the landscape contractor’s schedule is confirmed, we will provide advance notice and update to the community and also include the date when the hoarding will be required to expand and cover Little Park (Summerhill Entrance).

We are hopeful to provide an update to the community with the landscape contractor’s dates and impacts within the next few months.

Thank you for your patience.

Please see the notice of commencement for the Yellow Creek Geomorphic Systems Master Plan study. The purpose of this study is to identify sewer and watermain infrastructure in Yellow Creek that is at risk of erosion from high flows due to storms and snow melt run off.

We have an interactive map as well for residents to share photos of two locations in the creek to help monitor flows and erosion. The interactive map link is at the top of the project webpage

If you would like to receive updates on the Yellow Creek study, please send an email to to be added to the project contact list.

With work resuming on the reservoir, the contractor will require the street parking spaces in front of 91-101 Summerhill Avenue so large trucks can safely make turns from Summerhill Avenue into the park/Valve House for special deliveries.

Starting tomorrow afternoon (January 8) crews will be placing pylons in this location to ensure that no vehicles are blocking the turning radius for these trucks.

A parking restriction flyer will be placed on vehicle windshields as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and please contact me if you have any questions.

For those of who you have a view of the park, you will be able to see the sodding being placed down starting. The sodding will start tomorrow and should be completed by the end of the week. Work hours will include 7 am to 6 pm.

Based upon the confirmation of underground utilities from daylighting road segments on Avoca Avenue this past June, the contractor will be installing the watermain connection.

  • This work will take place on Monday August 24 to Friday September 4 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • This will close traffic access between Rosehill Avenue and Avoca Avenue. However, the driveway to #10 – 20 Avoca will not be blocked.
  • In addition, this work will require a water shut off to the buildings at #10 and #20 Avoca Avenue for one day ONLY on Wednesday August 26 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.
  • As a result of the water shut off, please store extra water in containers that you will need for the day. We do not anticipate any extended hours for this work.

See details in the Notice.

In order to confirm the specific locations of underground utilities leading into the north-east corner of the park, the contractor is required to “daylight” sections of the road on Avoca Avenue. The purpose of “daylighting” is to dig up small sections or spots in the ground until underground utilities are exposed to confirm their location on a map or survey, prior to carrying out major construction work. In this case, daylighting Avoca Avenue will help confirm the construction approach to install the watermain that will supply water to David A. Balfour Park (which will take place in the future, notification will be provided).

  • The section of road in front of 10 Avoca Avenue will be impacted by the work site:
    • On Monday June 29 from 7 am to 7 pm, the southbound lane will be closed. A flag person will direct both northbound and southbound traffic.
    • On Tuesday June 30, from 7 am to 7 pm, the northbound lane will be closed. A flag person will direct both northbound and southbound traffic.
  • This work will not impact access to the driveway at 10-20 Avoca Avenue.
  • Signs ahead of this work site will be installed. Please use extra caution approaching this work site.
  • The sidewalk in front of 10 Avoca Avenue will be impacted. Please follow the flag person directions and posted signs.
    • On Monday June 29, from 7 am to 7 pm, the sidewalk on the west side of Avoca Avenue will be closed. Pedestrians will be required to cross the street at Avoca and Rosehill and use the sidewalk on the east side or follow the posted signs.
    • On Tuesday June 30, from 7 am to 7 pm, the sidewalk on the east side of Avoca Avenue will be closed. Pedestrians will be required to cross the street at Avoca and Rosehill and use the sidewalk on the west side or follow the posted signs.
  • No utility impacts are anticipated ie. no water or power shut offs.
  • The work site on these road sections will be restored.

We would like to provide you with a long anticipated update on the design for David A Balfour Park! Thank You to those who attended the March 2019 Public Meeting. You can view the Construction Update #7 and the consultation summary.

Based on feedback, the following four (4) key changes were incorporated into the design:

  1. Upper Path will be widened to 3 metres to comply with the Multi-Use Trail Guidelines. (Note: the remaining segments of the Upper Path will remain 2.1 metres wide).
  2. The trellis located by the Valve House will be removed. The remaining two trellises facing west and east will remain.
  3. The path by the Valve House will be slightly widened and modified to an “S” shape to improve sight lines.
  4. Five new benches were added for a total of 61 benches.

With the exception of the 4 changes mentioned above, all other elements and features in the park design will remain the same as presented in the March 2019 presentation. We will provide updates once a schedule is confirmed.

This update is primarily for residents who live south of David Balfour Park. Please circulate to your neighbours (at a safe social/email distance).

The flower beds and area near Summerhill Avenue park entrance at Little Park required an emergency work order today. To resolve this emergency work, crews and City Water staff are on site today and this evening to carry out the necessary repairs.

Unfortunately, this work may require a water shut off to homes in the Summerhill neighbourhood tonight from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. We will update you with any additional information regards to further changes.

  • Please save water that you may need tonight in pots, contains, jugs etc., in case water is required to be shut off to your homes.

Apologies for this emergency work. Please contact me with any questions.

Rosehill Reservoir Update:

  • The Contractor is continuing to work on the reservoir rehabilitation, currently on schedule with their interior and exterior work
  • The park design is approaching the last stage to finalize detail design, we anticipate an update in the next few weeks to a month
  • The overall work schedule is on track for Spring 2021 completion

Yellow Creek Geomorphological Master Plan:

  • This study will be starting and as part of the field work required, the project consultants will be flying a drone for one day sometime between Monday April 13 and Friday April 17 over the Yellow Creek watercourse. See the Notice.
  • The drone route will following a southward direction of Yellow Creek
    • It will start at the Yellow Creek Source Outfall (located south of Mount Pleasant Cemetery near Heath Street) and,
    • It will finish south of the CP Rail at the Inlet Point.
  • I will provide a future update with more detailed information when this study commences.

Happy New Year Rosehill neighbours!

Please see this notice for work to replace the watermain below the driveway in Little Park/Summerhill Entrance (It will be mailed early next week). This work will begin January 20, 2020 and the remaining park space around the hoarding will remain open for the community. However, the hoarding will continue to remain after the watermain installation is complete to avoid significant tripping hazards and continue to allow heavy/special truck deliveries to the Valve House without damaging new pavers.

Phase 2B will continue into 2020 until we have confirmed the impacts to Summerhill Entrance/Little Park for Phase 3 – with details provided in a future notice.

Here is a quick update on the rehabilitation:

  • Work continues on the east side of the park to install the waterproofing membrane
  • Interior work on the columns and joints will continue in the east cell basin
  • Large valves and mechanical upgrades will continue
  • The stairs at Jackes and Valve House are completely installed
  • The reservoir work is on track to be completed by Spring 2021

Thanks to Sandra Demson for this photo from October, showing the excavated soil from the east half of the park, where it was cleaned and treated to improve its permeability/drainage. This soil will be re-applied after the waterproofing membrane is installed.

Photo of construction work on Rosehill Reservoir from a neighbour
Photo of construction work on Rosehill Reservoir from a neighbour

Deliveries on large and/or special trucks via Summerhill Avenue to the Valve House and south end of the reservoir will resume starting Wednesday October 30, 2019 and continue until the end of the project in Spring 2021. Deliveries will be especially frequent over the following three weeks and then will be periodic.

To make these deliveries, the parking restrictions in front of 91 Summerhill Avenue to 101 Summerhill Avenue will be required. Attached is Parking Notice #2 (delivered by mail to the neighbourhood south of the reservoir) and Parking Restriction Notice #2 (placed on drivers’ windshields on Summerhill Avenue).

Unfortunately, temporary on-street parking permits will not be issued by the City’s Permit Office.

Apologies for this correction to update #25. The sodding that was expected to take place this fall will be moved to another date next year when the weather warms up.

The City’s approach in this contract for sodding new grass requires a 60 to 90-day period minimum without disturbance for the roots to establish or “stitch into” the soil. The upcoming cold and fluctuating weather will impact the grass from establishing, and the team would like to ensure that the sodding is successful.

In the meantime, the contractor will be monitoring the soil as the temperatures get colder (and hardens the ground) and rain (to keep the soil saturated) to prevent dust/dirt getting caught up in windy conditions.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Find below an update on work undertaken since Phase 2B commenced in early August, 2019.

  • Reservoir Interior Work:
    • The west basin has been commissioned and is in operation
    • The east basin has been drained and cleaned for work to start on expansion joints
  • Reservoir Exterior Work:
    • West side of park has completed the granular backfill and is stockpiling topsoil
    • The east side of the park has stripped about 80% of its topsoil
    • Sodding is expected to take place late fall
  • Other Infrastructure Work
    • The catchbasins on west side of park have been replaced
    • The watermain tie-in at the end of Jackes Avenue has been completed
    • The grading of slope on the west side of park are in progress
    • Installation of Phase 2B hoarding & tree protection in progress
    • Removal and storage of memorial benches and plaques (PF & R staff have reached out to the families, please contact us if your family has not been contacted).

Work will be taking place this Saturday within the City’s Noise Bylaw (9 am to 5pm) for the washroom’s retaining walls (boreholes) and soil screening and moving to the West side of the reservoir. Apologies, as this work will be noisy. If work starts before 9 a.m., please contact 311.

If you no longer want to receive email updates about the project, please contact Kate Kusiak at and ask to be removed.

Work to tie-in the watermain at the end of Jackes Avenue will take place on September 9 to 13. Access into the underground garage has been coordinated with the property managers. More information in Construction Update #6.

If you no longer want to receive email updates about the project, please contact Kate Kusiak at and ask to be removed.

To start work inside the east basin for Phase 2B, Toronto Water staff are required to clean out the basin before the contractor can begin rehabilitation work.

Toronto Water staff (around 4 crew) will be accessing the interior of the basin through the Valve House this weekend, Saturday to Sunday, August 17 to 18, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

A pump that requires a generator will be located near the Valve House and will operate within the City’s Noise Bylaw on Saturday August 17 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. This generator will produce a low hum noise.

We apologize for this last minute notification.

Phase 2B will begin August 6, to start work on the East Cell Basin. This will result in a full park closure and will also restrict access from the park into the ravine. The ravine trail will still be open with access from Avoca Avenue, north of the work site.

Work on Saturdays will also continue to Spring, 2021.

Noise complaints, such as work starting prior to the City’s Noise By-law, please contact 311, as there are other construction activities in the neighbourhood. In your call or email to 311, please include as many details as possible, such as:

  • Date
  • Time of Day
  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Company name on vehicle
  • Exact location or address

More information in Construction Update #6.

We have recently received a few inquiries from residents located in the high-rise towers overlooking the park about some of the water proofing system protection boards lifting in the windy weather. See the photo below (Permission of Ian Darragh). We would like to provide some background and information about the reservoir’s exterior work including the waterproofing membrane and protection boards that we see today. This is a long update.

Photo: the yellow circle shows the protection boards lifted by the wind. The red shows protection boards affixed to the membrane. The orange dash shows exposed membrane without protection boards.

How the Membrane is Installed

After removing the existing waterproofing membrane and rehabilitating the concrete roof deck, there are a number of layers that will be installed on the exterior of the reservoir roof to protect the structure and the water supply within. This process follows industry standard practices and is in compliance with the waterproofing manufacturer’s installation protocol and warranties.

See the graphic below:

  1. Reservoir concrete exterior/roof deck
  2. Primer is applied on the concrete exterior of the reservoir. This helps to affix the membrane to the reservoir’s concrete roof deck.
  3. Waterproofing membrane – is a hot-applied rubberized asphalt membrane and consists of the following:
    • Black – A base layer of Hot Rubber-ized Asphalt – (HRA)
    • Grey – Polyester Fabric (Remay) is a non-woven fabric and used as reinforcement between two layers of waterproofing membranes. It provides additional structure to the HRA.
    • Black – A top layer of Hot Rubber-zed Asphalt (HRA)
  4. Protection Boards – more details below.
  5. Styrofoam – to provide further protection to the waterproofing membrane and manage the effects of cold weather (freeze-thaw action) against the concrete roof deck of the reservoir
  6. Drainage Boards – to assist with drainage off the reservoir.
  7. This layer would consists of granular backfill, topsoil and grass for the field areas and granular and road pavement for the walkways.

All of these layers would have about a 0.6 metre depth from the finished grade to the top of the reservoir’s concrete deck.

After crews apply the primer (B), three layers (C) of the membrane are applied. Similar to other construction practices, such as steel rebar in concrete columns to build high-rise towers, the layer of Remay enhances/reinforces the structural integrity and durability of the HRA.

Additional Details on the Protection Boards

Crews have progressed and have applied the membrane in many sections of the reservoir in Phase 1. This has been followed by crews laying down (D) protection boards on top of the membrane. The protection boards serve three (3) purposes.

  1. They protect the membrane from light construction activities
  2. They comply with the manufacturer’s requirements to install various other layers as shown in the graphic above which include (E) styrofoam layer (F) drainage board layer and (G) layers of granular, soil and grass.
  3. They separate the waterproofing layer from the Styrofoam insulation

Update on the Membrane Installation

Many residents who have a view of the park and construction work have seen protection boards lift or in some cases completely remove.

Each protection board is typically glued to the waterproofing membrane with additional asphalt applied in multiple spots. The board itself and the bonding force (adhesion) between the board and waterproofing membrane was not manufactured or designed to resist severe winds, which we have recently experienced.

Strong winds from all directions lift these protection boards and with frequent bending in the boards, some have completely detached from the membrane. To advance the work schedule as much as possible and make up for poor weather days that affected exterior rehabilitation activities, the contractor elected to lay down protection boards, even if some may bend or detach. For those protection boards that detached from the membrane, there is no additional cost to the City’s project budget to attach new protection boards. Both the project’s consultant with agreement from the City’s project manager, support this work by the contractor to advance the schedule as much as possible.

Monitoring and Inspection

The methods to install the membrane and protection boards follow industry standards and the material manufacturer’s requirements. The membrane is inspected daily by the City’s inspector and weekly by the material manufacturer to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty. No issues or concerns regarding the waterproofing membrane have been identified in reports by the City’s inspector or the manufacturer to date. Any missing protection boards will be replaced at the contractor’s expense prior to proceeding with the rest of the waterproofing system and subsequent soils/sod overburden.

Another round of inspections will take place before the layers (E) to (G) are installed.

Please contact me with any questions that were not included here.

The contractor will be resuming construction work on the reservoir on Saturdays, starting tomorrow April 13, weather dependent.

We apologize for the late notification. Please refer to Construction Notice #5 on January 17, 2019.

  • Presentation from March 26 public meeting
  • Phase 2A begins today
  • Four tree removals this week

Public Meeting Presentation Materials

Around 100 residents attended last night’s meeting. If you weren’t able to join us, please see the presentation with annotations to learn more about the park design. Please send us your feedback by April 5, 2019.

  • What do you like about the park design for David A Balfour Park?
  • What are your concerns or questions about the park design?
  • Do you have any additional comments?

Phase 2A begins today

Today is the start date for Phase 2A construction. Hoarding will go up in the eastern and south section below the Garden. See the map for Phase 2A.

Aerial map of Rosehill Reservoir and David A Balfour Park showing the areas closed for Phase 1 and 2A, as well as a portion near the playground for a temporary three week closure. Access to the Garden via Summerhill Avenue will be open in Phase 2A until late July. Phase 2B starts in August to December, 2019 and results in a full park closure.
Rosehill Reservoir Phase 2A map

Four tree removals this week

In Update #16 (January 17, 2019) and Construction Notice #5, staff identified a temporary closure in the south east corner of the park to carry out tree protection and removals. Based on the detailed review of tree roots, certified arborists and City Urban Forestry staff have identified that four (4) trees will be impacted by the contractor’s activities and are located directly in line with the rehabilitation work. The following trees will be removed:

  • One (1) memorial tree located in Phase 1 hoarding will be removed. Parks staff are in contact with the family to determine where a new tree will be located.
  • Three (3) trees are located at the south-east corner of the park on top of the reservoir. These three (3) trees must be removed to carry out structural rehabilitation to the reservoir.

These four (4) trees removals will take place today, Wednesday March 27 to Friday March 29 to ensure they are removed before the Bird Migratory Protection Act.

Access to Rosehill Garden will remain open and a southern portion may be temporarily closed to ensure a safe work zone around these trees. The playground may be closed for safety purposes. Trees will be replanted in a variety of locations around Rosehill Reservoir to coincide with the upgrades to David A Balfour Park.

Update #17, March 7, 2019.

A new design for David A Balfour Park!

Join us at a public meeting to learn about enhancements to David A Balfour Park!

  • Date: Tuesday March 26, 2019.
  • Time: Doors Open 6:30 p.m.
  • Presentation: 7 p.m.
  • Location: Christ Church Deer Park, Elliot Room
  • Address: 1570 Yonge Street

If you cannot attend, the presentation and display materials will be posted on the webpage the day after the meeting.

The park plan includes:

  • A redesign of the park entrance and water feature
  • Pathways and lighting
  • Public bathroom
  • Park amenities, such as seating, benches, picnic tables, trellis.
  • Tree canopy

Send us your comments and questions by Friday April 5, 2019 and contact us with accessibility requests 416-392-1932.

Update #16, January 17, 2019.

Revised Construction Schedule Phase 2A and 2B

Previous issues regarding the temporary boardwalk and poor/wet weather days in 2018 has held back the construction schedule. To recoup this time, the City’s contractor will be:

  • Carrying out work on Saturdays starting January 26 until the end of 2019
  • Advancing the start date for work on the eastern perimeter area, below the reservoir’s slope, which was originally scheduled for Phase 2 this Summer.

The construction schedule is revised:

  • Phase 2 will be divided into two parts: Phase 2A and Phase 2B
  • Phase 2A will start February 4 to July 31 and include the area at the eastern perimeter below the reservoir’s slope
  • Phase 2B keeps with the original construction schedule, which will begin August to December 2019 and result in a full park closure

The blue area from the playground towards the Summerhill Entrance will be temporary closed for 3 weeks to carry out tree protection and removals. Notice will be provided if this closure affects access to the Garden.

Correction to Construction Notice #5

The Construction Notice has clarified a detail on Page 2, second row, first column and indicates Phase 2A from February 4, 2019 to July 31, 2019.

Aerial map of Rosehill Reservoir and David A Balfour Park showing the areas closed for Phase 1 and 2A, as well as a portion near the playground for a temporary three week closure. Access to the Garden via Summerhill Avenue will be open in Phase 2A until late July. Phase 2B starts in August to December, 2019 and results in a full park closure.
Rosehill Reservoir Phase 2A map
  • White area indicates Phase 1 and 2A closure
  • Blue area indicates a temporary three week closure late February
  • Pink line indicates access to garden via Summerhill Entrance
  • A is the main access point
  • B is Jackes entrance
  • C is Summerhill Entrance/Little Park
  • D is the playground
  • E is the Avoca Avenue Plant Beds

Washroom Hoarding and Demolition

The contractor will begin work to demolish the washroom starting December 7. Hoarding will be adjusted to enclose the building. Please see information in the attached Notice. Due to delays in Canada Post delivery, this notice will not be mailed out to the community.

Idling Update

We have repeatedly asked the contractor to stop truck idling on neighbourhood streets (especially Pleasant Boulevard). If you do see idling trucks, please contact, and with the following information:

  • License Plate number
  • Location of the truck
  • Approximately how long the truck was idling
  • Time of date (to establish a pattern)

Memorial Tree Impacts

Over the next two weeks, three (3) memorial trees located within Phase 1 work area will be impacted. Two (2) trees will be transplanted to a new location and one tree will be removed and replanted before the end of construction. Transplanting and removing these trees are required to carry out work in Phase 1.

Staff have had direct contact with the family of one tree and have sent emails and a letter to the families of the remaining two trees since the phone numbers of those families are no longer in service.

Work on Saturdays to facilitate Phase 1 Construction

The Contractor will be starting work on Saturdays starting November 3 to December 22, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to continue to remove soil, remove the existing waterproofing membrane and install the new one. Please see this notice.

  1. Tree Root Exploration
  2. Injured Tree Removal
  3. On-Street Parking Restrictions on Summerhill Avenue
  4. Temporary Garbage Bin on Rosehill Avenue
  5. Idling on Pleasant Boulevard

Tree Root Exploration

Please see the notice. The contractor will be carrying out tree root exploration on trees located near the lower perimeter pathway from Little Park to south of the construction hoarding at Avoca. The purpose is to determine the condition of trees for Phase 2 construction work and park design planning before the winter season freezes the ground. The work will be noisy and segmented within a temporary fence. Work hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday and will start October 25 to December 23, 2018.

Injured Tree Removal

A tree by the north-east corner of the Valve House will be removed within the next two weeks (weather permitting) as our colleagues in the Parks division have determined that a split down the trunk (stem) is a significant impact to the tree’s health and condition. See photo below. The project manager has agreed to carry out this removal on behalf of Parks through the Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation contractor.

Tree by Valve House is split and requires removal
Tree by Valve House is split and requires removal

On-Street Parking Restrictions on Summerhill Avenue

If you are a resident on Summerhill Avenue, Ottawa Street, Summerhill Gardens or park on-street on Summerhill Avenue near Little Park, please see the message below about on-street parking restrictions.

Please see the Notice that will be delivered to homes and the Flyer that will be placed on car windshields parked on Summerhill Avenue.

From Monday October 29 to Friday December 21, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays only, a 40 metre portion on the south-side, curb lane on Summerhill Avenue, near Little Park/Summerhill entrance will be restricted to ensure sufficient space for large vehicles to turn from Summerhill Avenue through Little Park.

Rosehill Reservoir: A map of Summerhill Avenue on-street parking restrictions during the daytime from 91 Summerhill Avenue to 101 Summerhill Avenue to allow large trucks to turn into the park to the Valve House
Rosehill Reservoir: Summerhill Avenue on-street parking restrictions

These special deliveries of large equipment and supplies are required to carry out work at the Valve House Parking Lot. This work is required to be completed within Phase 1 while the West Basin of the reservoir is empty. The contractor is using the smallest vehicle to provide these supplies as close as possible to the Valve House, and is not expecting to damage the grass in Little Park.

Unfortunately, this road restriction includes the following temporary impacts to on-street parking:

  • On-Street Parking Spaces: Approximately 6 – 8 on-street parking spaces will be impacted. A flyer will be placed on the windshields of parked cars on Summerhill and notice will be sent to homes. Overnight on-street permit parking will continue; we are asking permit holders to move their vehicle by 7 a.m. if they have parked their car in front of 91 to 101 Summerhill Avenue.
  • New Temporary Permit Restrictions: We have also requested that the Permit Office not issue temporary permits in this area during this time as this area is already near capacity for permanent permit holders.
  • Vehicle is Relocated: As the hours of delivery are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. we greatly appreciate your cooperation to move your car from these spaces. If cars are not moved, the contractor will knock on the doors of surrounding homes to find the vehicle owner. If they cannot find the vehicle owner, the contractor will request enforcement staff (Toronto Police) to relocate the vehicle to the nearest available on-street parking space.
  • If you vehicle is relocated: Please contact Enforcement 416-808-2222
  • Parking Tickets: If you receive a parking ticket, you can quote “Rosehill Reservoir” as part of your defence for parking consideration during construction; however, the Reservoir Rehabilitation Project Manager does not have the authority to cancel any tickets. 

Example of Construction signage Toronto Police which states no parking on this side of the street
Construction Signage Toronto Police

Example of the signage that will be posted in this area. (Please Note: This is standard Toronto Police signage for construction, it is not related to an emergency)

Temporary Garbage Bin

There has been a few complaints about litter near the Rosehill Avenue walkway to Pleasant Boulevard (between 50 and 70 Rosehill). Our colleagues in Solid Waste have placed a temporary bin on the south side of Rosehill near Bretton Place (33 Rosehill). We have asked the property managers to circulate this with their residents and asking that neighbours use these bins to keep the area clean.

Idling on Pleasant Boulevard

I’ve received a number of complaints about trucks idling on Pleasant Boulevard. These trucks are not related to the Rosehill Reservoir work; they are likely part of the Bell Canada work to install new cables. Please contact Bell Canada at 416-353-3827, quote Project #BGF-X79766 or email

The Important Information tab has been updated as we have received many questions about the pathways.

Mon August 27: New Access Points & Trucking on Rosehill Avenue

Two new access points for trucking activities will be located along Rosehill Avenue. This is required to expedite the Phase 1 construction schedule after staff efforts were re-directed to review safety concerns of the temporary boardwalk at north-east corner and carry out tree root explorations (see Update #8).

This temporary change:

  • Will start Monday August 27 (construction of the access points)
  • Will continue for Phase 1 and 2. See note below.
  • Will facilitate an additional 3 trucks per hour. See note below.
  • Will not result in trucks queuing on Rosehill Avenue and will not impact trees
  • Will have 2 gates installed in the jersey barrier for the temporary sidewalk and hoarding for truck entry and exit
  • Will have a flag person to coordinate safe entry/exit of trucks with pedestrians on the temporary sidewalk (jersey barriers)

As a result of these new access points at Rosehill Avenue,

  • Maximum number of trucks at the new Rosehill Access Points is 3 per hour
  • Maximum number of trucks at Avoca Main Access Point is 3 per hour
  • A combined maximum number of trucks for this project is 6 per hour.

These two new gates during Phase 1 will facilitate the removal of existing soil, and the construction of a valve chamber infrastructure. Phase 2 includes ongoing work on the valve chamber and bringing in new soil. Each soil handling stage requires 6-8 weeks.

City staff have supported this change to address the schedule impacts that resulted from the above-mentioned issues. This change was also presented to the Councillors’ office and representatives of neighbourhood associations. We apologize that this is another change from the original plan for construction work.

Two additional access points on Rosehill Avenue to provide more trucks to make deliveries and load soil onto trucks for removal off site
Trucking Rosehill Access Points

Portable Washrooms

Based on overwhelming response, portable washrooms will not be installed at Little Park, near the Summerhill entrance for Phase 1.

On Update #7 August 10, the City provided advance notice and rationale for providing the portable washrooms: “The washroom building will also be closed. Maintenance vehicles will not be able to access the washroom to perform the required maintenance. Portable washrooms will be located at the Summerhill entrance to the Park.”

Noise at Valve House on Monday August 27, 2018.

Crews will be performing Hydrovac activities at the Valve House parking lot on Monday August 27, 2018. It will be for the full day and will be noisy. Apologies in advance.

The following construction activities for the Rosehill Reservoir will start next week:

  1. tree removals
  2. soil removal
  3. washrooms in Little Park

Tree Update

Earlier this Spring, trees at the top of the reservoir slopes as well as trees that would have been severely damaged (i.e. could not be preserved) as a result of the rehabilitation work during Phase 1, were removed by the Contractor.

For trees that could potentially be impacted, the Contractor was required to carry out root exploration before determining the next steps. Root exploration efforts for Phase 1 has now been completed and will result in the following actions:

  • One (1) tree will be preserved (i.e. no impact) in accordance with the City’s Tree Protection Policy
  • 16 trees will be preserved with minor injury
  • Six (6) trees will be removed  as construction will severely impact the roots
  • One (1) tree came down during a wind/weather event and will be removed

Tree removals will begin Thursday August 23, weather permitting.

Soil Removal

The removal of the soil on top of the reservoir will soon begin Monday August 20, in order to expose the reservoir roof and begin work to repair and install the waterproofing membrane. The main impact as part of the work to remove soil will be an increase in truck traffic through Rosehill and Avoca Avenue.

  • Currently there is about 3 to 6 trucks per day that use the main access area near the Avoca Parks Yard (Avoca and Rosehill).
  • When soil removal begins, there will be 3 trucks per hour.

Portable washrooms will be installed in Little Park, west of the asphalt path (south of David A Balfour Park, near Summerhill Avenue) this week. One will be an accessible washroom.

The City is also working with the Contractor to review any options in the construction schedule to open up access to the park ahead of construction completion now that the temporary pathway at Avoca Avenue is closed. The City will share an update with the Community later this fall.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time as we work to upgrade this reservoir and ensure the delivery of safe drinking water to residents and businesses. We know this project has been a challenge and we are committed to working with community representatives and the Councillors’ offices to address issues that arise.

Apologies for not providing an update since late June. Staff have been reviewing concerns received from community members regarding the temporary (boardwalk) pathways both at the north-east corner of the park (Avoca Avenue) and at Little Park/south of Valve House.

Please read Construction Notice Update #1.

  • Access to the park via the north-east corner near Avoca Avenue will be closed due to safety concerns.
  • Signage will be developed and installed indicating detour route via Rosehill-Yonge-Summerhill. (The ravine network will remain open for those people who are accustomed to the local trails).

The washroom building will also be closed. Maintenance vehicles will not be able to access the washroom to perform the required maintenance. Portable washrooms will be located at the Summerhill entrance to the Park.

Ensuring the community’s safety around this active construction site is important and we thank you for understanding and ongoing patience.

The painting of the hoarding is almost complete and park lights on top of the reservoir and along the south and western side of the park will soon be removed.

Temporary Pathways

Temporary pathways have been put in place around the hoarding. The City is dedicated to keeping access to the remaining park space open during construction. A recent site visit was held with representatives from the community and local Councillors to discuss potential enhancements to increase visibility and mobility.

Unfortunately, the location of the reservoir is a constrained site and hoarding cannot be shifted any further to widen the temporary paths. With a focus on the temporary pathways at Little Park/Valve House and at the north-east corner near Avoca Parks Yard, the City will be taking further steps to:

  1. Install signage that clearly communicates the limited access, ask cyclists to dismount and dog walkers to have their dog remain on leash.
  2. Add large convex mirrors at the corners to help you see any movement/oncoming park users.
  3. Add lighting along the deck to illuminate the pathway only and in keeping with the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) guidelines.

In addition to these activities, City staff are reviewing opportunities to install transparent material on hoarding panels located around the temporary paths and a bump-out space to pass/rest. A future update will provide more details.

An additional temporary pathway and stairway will be added for park users to have easier access to the Washroom and Rosehill Garden.

Rehabilitation Activities

Work has already begun to remove the reflecting pools. The stone wall along the cascade/fountain at Rosehill Avenue will also be removed.  You may also have noticed that the water molecule feature has now been removed. It will be preserved, as it is a heritage feature and incorporated into the new design.

Contractors have been reminded to start after 7 a.m. in keeping with the Noise By-law.

  • The hoarding and Tree Protection Zones are almost completely installed for phase 1 work.
  • Installation of temporary walkway at Avoca Avenue, around the Parks Yard, is underway.
  • Installation of temporary walkway from Little Park to the east side of the park is underway and expected to be completed by the end of next week.
  • The hoarding is being painted green.

Construction hoarding and Tree Protection Zones are almost completely installed.

Now that hoarding is almost installed, there is limited park space around the Garden. This is a gentle reminder to please be courteous to all park users and also to keep all dogs on leash.


At the north-east part of the construction site at Rosehill and Avoca, the existing pathway (red circle on map) will remain open until the temporary pathway is constructed (pink line on map). Signage on the hoarding indicates the path is still open (photo). If there is any construction equipment movement in this area, a construction crew member will be nearby to ensure people can safely cross this part of the site.

The photo on the left shows an interim pathway through the construction site near the main access point at Avoca and Rosehill where crews provided a path for residents to cross. The photo on the right shows the hoarding and fencing in place while the temporary pathway is being constructed.
Avoca and Rosehill path and hoarding

Temporary Garbage Bins

Temporary garbage bins have been installed by the contractor at the Garden and Washroom. Solid Waste bins have been installed at the end of Jackes Avenue. The temporary bins will be in replaced Solid Waste bins.

Picture of the temporary garbage bins that are small round bins with lids
Temporary garbage bins

Tree Cutting

Tree cutting started May 23 for trees that are located on top of the reservoir and on the slopes. The removal of these trees are required to accommodate the installation of the reservoir’s waterproofing membrane.

Garbage Bins

The project team has received concerns about the garbage bins in and around the park. Many of the bins were removed before they were relocated to another spot outside of the construction hoarding.

The project manager has spoken with our colleagues in Solid Waste and they will be installing garbage and recycling bins next week at the following locations:

  • At the Rosehill Garden
  • At the end of Jackes
  • An additional set in Little Park
  • On Avoca Ave near the Parks Yard
  • At the washroom

Please note – No garbage bins will be located in the playground area since the perimeter path is not accessible for the Solid Waste collections vehicles. The garbage bin on Rosehill at the north-west corner of the Park will also not be replaced due to insufficient space provided with the temporary sidewalk.

We will also be scheduling a litter pick up of garbage left around the park. With the unfortunate timing of this issue, no clean-up crews can be scheduled for this work over the upcoming long weekend. We will provide you with the date once it has been scheduled.

Temporary Pathways

  1. Ramp to the Garden — The contractor will be installing a temporary ramp from the Valve House to the Rosehill Garden, since part of the existing path will be inside the hoarding. This ramp will run from the Valve House, next to the hoarding and tie into the existing path to the Garden. This ramp is being inserted into a packed construction schedule and the contractor is expecting the installation within the next four weeks.
  2. In addition the following temporary pathways will also be installed with the hoarding over the next 3-4 weeks:
    1. Temporary Pathway from Avoca Ave to the Perimeter path (around Avoca Parks Yard)
    2. Temporary Sidewalk (along the south side of Rosehill Ave, adjacent to the Park)

On Monday April 30, installation of hoarding and tree protection zones will begin and continue to take place for the next few weeks. The white-shaded area (not the dash lines) on the map show where hoarding will be installed on the west side of the park.

Rosehill Reservoir Phase 1 hoarding. This hoarding surrounds the west side of the park (which is closed) and leaves open the south-east side of the park
Rosehill Reservoir Phase 1 hoarding

Construction crews will be doing locates on site starting April 24 and April 25 including Little Park, inside site buildings and chambers. They may use spray paint, wooden stakes and small flags to mark buried service lines. This work will take place within the hours set by the noise by law (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and will take place prior to the installation of hoarding.

Rehabilitation work on the reservoir is scheduled to begin in April 2018 with the placement of hoarding (wooden fence) around the perimeter of the west side of the reservoir. This area of David Balfour park will be closed to public access until Phase 3 of the rehabilitation project. The east side of the reservoir will remain open to the public until Summer 2019.

A Public Drop-In Event took place on Monday, March 19, 2018 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church (Heritage Room), 1585 Yonge Street.  Members of the public were invited to drop in during this time to learn about the rehabilitation of the reservoir, the details of the construction process and efforts to mitigate impacts. City of Toronto staff were present to answer any questions and receive feedback from the public. See the Public Consultation tab for additional information about this event.

Residents in neighbourhoods around the reservoir were sent a Construction Notice in the mail that explains the phases of construction. Properties that are within close proximity to the site will also receive a notice regarding pre-construction inspections.

On October 26, 2015 the City distributed a notice to properties adjacent to David A Balfour Park regarding a tree inventory to be completed in the first few weeks of November. View the October 26 Notice of Site Work.

On November 10, 2015 the City distributed a notice to properties adjacent to David A Balfour Park regarding survey work to be completed from mid-November to mid-December. View the November 10 Notice of Site Work.