About the Program

The City of Toronto’s Access, Equity and Human Rights (AEHR) Awards recognize people who, or programs that, have made a difference in Toronto by reducing discrimination and barriers to equality. The Awards are community-driven, where nominations come from Toronto residents, and the five recipients are selected by a panel of community individuals with expertise and knowledge of issues pertinent to the awards.

The AEHR Awards program is currently under review. Please re-visit this webpage at a later date for more information on call for nominations, event time and date.

The impressive work and achievements of the 2017 award recipients include:

  • addressing conflicts in communities using arts programming;
  • providing safe and supportive housing to trans people who are medically transitioning;
  • supporting Muslim children with disabilities and their families;
  • bringing Indigenous knowledge and healing to address issues of violence and to educate non-Indigenous communities; and
  • establishing an organization to promote provide free legal advice to residents.