The Toronto Community Champion Award recognizes and acknowledges the extraordinary contributions that community organizations make to support the health and solidarity of the residents of Toronto, particularly those from Black, Indigenous, and other equity-deserving communities. Stories of community resilience, inclusiveness and service are worthy of recognition, for they honour the collective commitment and unwavering determination of our communities to support each other through challenging times.

In 2024, the Toronto Community Champion Award will provide residents an opportunity to shine a spotlight on organizations that are known for their community collaboration. Organizations that are community collaborators:

  • build partnerships that strengthen neighbourhoods and/or communities in meaningful ways and forge deep connections within the areas they serve to make significant positive change to benefit the health and well-being of community members and residents
  • work in tandem with residents and other community-based organizations under a shared vision to develop and coordinate programs, services, and resources to address unique neighbourhood and/or community needs
  • have a deep understanding of the unique fabric that makes up our city and recognize the importance of working together to tackle the important equity issues that persist in the neighbourhoods and/or communities they support.

The 2024 Toronto Community Champion Award is a collaboration with United Way Greater Toronto.

To be eligible for the Toronto Community Champion Award, priority will be given to organizations that:

  • are community-focused by adapting services and approaches to respond to the needs of a geographical location, identity, interests, or other demographic characteristics of the neighbourhood/community
  • demonstrate an inclusive and innovative approach to their work
  • serve Indigenous, Black and/or equity-deserving groups and communities and areas
  • provide community service as their primary focus, rather than fundraising or grant making
  • have not been previously recognized for the same initiative with a Toronto Community Champion Award

Organizations must also be:

  • operating as a not-for-profit organization, a registered charity and/or serving Indigenous, Black and/or other equity-deserving groups and communities
  • based in Toronto
  • made up of at least three people
  • governed by a volunteer Board of Directors
  • nominated by a resident of Toronto

Organizations must not:

  • be nominated by someone at the organization itself
  • be a school or a hospital, or any other government institution

Eligible Nominators

Nominators must:

  • be a resident of Toronto with knowledge of the organization’s impact on the community (such as someone who has used their services or is a long-term supporter)

Nominators must not:

  • work or volunteer for the organization
  • be a board member of the organization
  • be an elected official

Nominations for the 2024 Toronto Community Champion Awards are now closed.


Nominations for the 2024 Toronto Community Champion Awards are now closed. Award recipients will be announced in May 2024.

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