The City maintains all underground and above ground utility maps. These maps include:

  • DMOG (Digital Map Owners Group) maps (only for the former City of Toronto),
  • the City’s Street Furniture Program,
  • fibre optic networks,
  • pedestrian street lighting, and;
  • sewer and water infrastructure.

For information about sewer or water service connections call 311 or email


The Digital Map Owners Group (DMOG) consists of seven members. DMOG members share in the cost of maintaining the utility maps in the former City of Toronto.

This is the single most comprehensive database of underground utility features. Utilities are being represented as double line features. DMOG maps also include relevant mapping information. This information includes: right-of-way, street curbs, building envelopes and municipal numbers.

blue map of toronto's borders. Only includes the former metro Toronto outlineTiling Scheme: DMOG Block Index

Paper Map Size: 35″ x 26″

Total Number of Sheets: 5,260

Coordinate System: MTM NAD 27

Colour: Black and white print

Data Source: DMOG mapping (as-built and survey data)

Design Scale: 1:200

Available Formats:

  • DGN or DWG ($436.60 per map)
  • 35″ x 26″ ($208.00 per map)

Note: Price subject to change. HST not included. Purchaser must sign a data release form.

City Utility Mapping (CUMAP) data shows the sewer or watermain network data. The sanitary sewer, combined sewer and storm sewer networks include:

  • pipes
  • catchbasins
  • maintenance holes
  • pipe size
  • pipe material

The water network includes:

  • mains
  • valves
  • chambers
  • hydrants
  • main size
  • main material
  • date of installation

The maps are available within the former borough of East York and cities of Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough and York.

Separately purchased, if required, features include:

  • topographic features such as curbs, sidewalks, buildings and more
  • parcel mapping (road allowance, property lines, addresses)

For former City of Toronto area coverage, go to Digital Map Owners Group (DMOG) map.

blue map of city uitlties that excludes metro TorontoMap Area: User defined

Coordinate System: MTM NAD 27

Data Source: City sewer and water network mapping: current

Map Scale: varies

Available Format: DGN or DWG


  • Water
  • Sewer (sanitary, storm and combined)

Price: $ 260.00 per km²

Note: Price subject to change. HST not included. Purchaser must sign a data release form.

To request an Engineering Drawing for sewers, watermains and road works in electronic format email or phone 416-338-7954.

For water or sewer service connections, call 311.

For each drawing, a processing fee of $64.95 + HST applies, payable by credit card.

Note: Prices listed in Municipal Code Chapter 441 Appendix C – Schedule 1. Purchaser must sign a digital data release form for digital map orders.

All prices are subject to HST.