Quarterly Workforce Statistics – June End

As of the end of June 2018, there were 35,781 active employees in the Toronto Public Service. The following charts provide a breakdown of employee counts by union affiliation and employee status.

Union Affiliation

Union Number of Employees Percentage of Workforce
CUPE Local 79 22,992 64%
IAFF Local 3888 Firefighters 2,965 8%
Non-Union 4,491 13%
TCEU Local 416 Outside 5,268 15%
Tradespeople 65 0%


Employee Status

Status Number of Employees Percentage of Workforce
Full-Time Permanent 19,798 55%
Full-Time Temporary 3,231 9%
Part-Time Non-Recreation Workers 3,784 11%
Part-Time Recreation Workers 8,898 25%
Other (includes contract staff, tradespeople, etc.) 70 0%


The information above does not capture employees working in the City’s Agencies, Boards or Commissions (TTC, Police, Library, Association of Community Centres, etc.) or elected officials.

Percentages may not equal 100 per cent due to rounding.