Toronto Animal Services (TAS) is offering advice and assistance to pet owners who are experiencing hardship and struggling to care and provide necessities for their pets due to COVID-19.

There is no evidence that pets can transmit COVID-19 to people.

Make a Plan for Your Pet’s Care

The best place for a pet is with their owner. However, if you become seriously ill or require hospitalization, the best place for your pet is with a family member or friend.

Follow these steps to make sure your pet is cared for:

  • Fill out an information form and attach a picture of your pet to ensure their care needs are known
    • Store the form in an obvious location
    • Complete a form for each pet in your household
  • Identify a family member or friend who can temporarily take care of your pet
  • Have crates, food and extra supplies available for your pet
    • Ensure your pet is familiarized with the crate or carrier and that it is labelled with your name, address, and phone number
    • Keep an extra two-weeks supply of your pet’s current diet on hand. Note any feeding instructions and location of the food on your pet’s information form.
    • Dogs must have a leash
  • Have your pet’s vaccination records and identify all medications, dosages, and administering directions, including the prescription name and your vet’s contact information
    • Consider placing the medications and vaccination records in a sealed bag with your pet’s information form
  • Ensure your pet has an identification tag, such as a City of Toronto license or rabies tag
    • If your pet is microchipped ensure your contact and emergency contact information is up-to-date with the registry
  • Place a list of pets in the home on your front door for emergency responders. Include a description of each animal, location in home, or on the property.

Accessing Pet Supplies

scheinberg relief fund logoFunded by Scheinberg Relief Fund and donations from Toronto residents, Toronto Animal Services is providing assistance to pet owners who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Assistance will be provided with the purchase of pet food and supplies, such as cat litter and pee pads.

Pet owners who require assistance can contact Toronto Animal Services by doing one of the below:

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