View a list of lost animals found within the last 14 days, including where they were found and which shelter they are at now.

Who to Contact

  • Contact 416-338-PAWS (7297) or 311 to file a lost animal report.
  • Provide description of pet, licence number and  microchip number.

Where to Search

  • Search around your home and neigbourhood. Ask your neighbours.
  • Put up posters and flyers in your neighborhood, veterinarian offices, animal shelters, grocery stores, libraries and bulletin boards in your community.

Try Looking Online

Pet Registration

Register your pet with Helping Lost Pets to widen your search.

Where to Go


If your pet ends up at a City shelter, the following fees apply:

Cat: $30, plus $10/day

Dog: $40, plus $20/day

Once Your Pet Has Been Found

  • Call 311.
  • Update your Helping Lost Pets posting.
  • Remove all flyers you have posted.

If you find a lost dog or cat wearing a City of Toronto tag, contact 311 to connect the pet with the owner.  If the animal does not have any identification tags, contact 311 for information on next steps.