Below you will find educational resources and brochures that provide information on the RentSafeTO program, building owner/operator requirements, City regulations and property maintenance standards.

Templates are available to guide building owners and operators on creating documentation for maintenance, waste management and tenant notification boards.

The RentSafeTO Building Owner Handbook provides an overview of the bylaw and summary of key regulations. (Updated March 2024).

The RentSafeTO Year in Review provides information about the program and key performance metrics on building evaluations and audits, service requests, investigation, and enforcement action.




Building owners/operators can apply for a re-evaluation if they are unsatisfied with their building evaluation scores. Learn how a building score is calculated and the criteria for re-evaluation.

Business Owners/Operator Complaints Form

If you have issues with the condition of the apartment that you are renting (such as plumbing problems, no or low heat, a broken window) or the common areas of your building, talk to your landlord and submit a service request in writing. Use this service request form as a guide to help you report your concerns to your building owner or operator: English  French 




Download and print the RentSafeTO brochure for more information about the program, where to find building evaluation results and what to do if there is an issue with your rental unit.