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Culture animates a city. Ambitious and alive, Toronto is continuously shaped and reshaped by the creative forces at work here. This is what creates a sense of place and a feeling of belonging, and it is what makes the city so attractive to visitors, citizens and to the businesses that employ them.

Jully Black 2010 Luminato
Courtesy Luminato

Toronto's Cultural Assets

  • Toronto's unique identity is rooted in diversity and a rich array of cultural assets worth developing and sustaining. The City is home to more than 70 film festivals, 200 professional performing arts organizations, internationally recognized symphony, ballet and opera companies, countless commercial and not-for-profit galleries and museums, and much more.
  • Toronto's 10 city-owned museums hold 147,000 artifacts and 1 million archaeological specimens in their historical collections.
  • More than 200 city-owned public art works and historic monuments enrich Toronto's urban landscape with artistic flair.
  • In 2010, attendance at city-funded or city-programmed cultural events grew to 17.4 million, reflecting the deep engagement of Torontonians in arts, culture and heritage.
  • Approximately 35% of Toronto's overnight visitors engaged in a cultural activity during their stay in 2010.
  • The City of Toronto produced and promoted nine annual tourism and local campaign events, including Nuit Blanche, Winterlicious, Summerlicious, and the Cavalcade of Lights Festival and Exhibit, which collectively attracted and entertained over 2.55 million residents and tourists in 2010.
  • The City of Toronto assisted more than 750 festivals and events in 2010.

Toronto's Creative Economy

  • Toronto boasts a wealth of creative talent. Toronto is home to 66% more artists than any other city in Canada, 1 in 4 creative industry jobs in Canada and 1 in 3 of the province's cultural workers.
  • In 2011, Toronto's cultural economy contributed approximately $11.3 billion to the City's Gross Domestic Product.
  • The culture sector employs more than 174,000 people in the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area. This represents approximately 6% of the total Toronto Census Metropolitan Area workforce.
  • Screen-based production and digital media industries are two of the three fastest-growing creative industries in Toronto. They contribute more than $1 billion to the local economy annually and directly employ approximately 25,000 people, more than 25% of the national sector.


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