Search for details about current planning applications and Minor variance and Consent applications.


For best results, please use the latest version of Microsoft IE/Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The Application Information Centre allows you to:

  • Search by customizable radius of 120m, 250m, 500m, 1000m
  • See Community Planning, Committee of Adjustment, and Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) applications at the same time, with the ability to filter results
  • Search by address or street Intersection
  • Track and view detailed application statuses for Site Plan and Official Plan Amendments and Rezoning applications
  • Use the system on mobile devices

You can perform a quick search by:

  • Entering an address or intersection in the top search bar, then click the Search button; or
  • Clicking anywhere on the map to search for applications

Development Applications within a 120 metre radius of that address/intersection/point will appear on the page. You can expand the search radius using the drop-down option under More Filters.

Quick search results default to displaying all application types:

  • Community Planning applications
  • Committee of Adjustment
  • Toronto Local Appeal body

You can limit the search results to specific application types by checking only the boxes you wish to see results for. Click Search again to display the new results.

You can use the More Filters form to limit the number of search results, or find an exact match. Not all fields in More Filters need to be populated to generate results.

Find Applications by Search Radius

  • Click anywhere on the map to search for applications within the area
  • Applications within a 500 metre radius of that point will appear on the page
  • You can expand or reduce the search area using the Radius drop-down

Additional Search Parameters

You can use More Filters to perform advanced searches by providing additional optional parameters such as: Ward, Application Number, Application Status, and Hearing Date.

Screen capture showing the various search options available to limit search results for Development Applications.

Search by City District

Search for applications within a district by using the City District drop-down.
District boundaries can be activated on the map by click on Map Setting and checking District Layer.

Search by Ward

Search for applications within a ward by using the Ward drop-down. You can reduce the list of wards by first selecting a City District.

District boundaries can be activated on the map by clicking on Map Setting and checking District Layer.

Search by Application Number

There are 5 boxes for the application number. Only the year and sequence number (first and second boxes) need to be filled to generate a result.

  • The last 2 digits of the year are typed into the first box. For example, the year 2008 would be entered as 08.
  • The 6-digit sequence number is typed into the second box. This number helps to distinguish one application from others received that year.
  • The District is typed into the third box. You need to enter only 3 letters as follows:
    • WET = Etobicoke York | NNY = North York | ESC = Scarborough | STE = Toronto & East York
  • The 2-digit Ward number is typed into the fourth box. For example, Ward 8, Eglinton-Lawrence would be entered as 08.
  • Select application type from the drop-down box.

Application Type Table
OZ Official Plan Amendment and/or Zoning By-law Amendment
SA Site Plan Control
CD Plan of Condominium
SB Plan of Subdivision
PL Part Lot Control Exemption

Screen capture showing the various advanced search options for searching by Application Number. Input fields include: Year, Sequence Number, District, Ward, Application Type

Search by Reference File

Enter the 10-digit reference file number to search for Committee of Adjustment Applications.

Example of 10-digit reference file number: A0002/18EYK

Search by Most Recent Applications

Select one of three criteria in the New Development drop-down list to view the most recent applications:

  • Last 30 Days – Applications received 30 days ago
  • Last 90 Days– Applications received 90 days ago
  • Last 180 Days– Applications received 180 days ago

Search by Application Status

Select one of the application statuses from the Application Status drop-down list to search for any applications matching that corresponding status.

Search by Hearing Date

Narrow your search results to a specific date by clicking on Hearing Date, then selecting a date from the calendar. All applications matching the specified date will be returned.

After clicking on a property on the map, a small pop-up will appear with high-level Information about the selected application: Application Number, Application Type, Ward, Status, Date Submitted, Contact Name, Email, and Phone Number.

Some properties will have multiple development applications on the same address. To navigate through the related applications on the selected property, click on the arrow(s) within the pop-up.

Screen capture showing high-level information about a selected application. Fields include: Application Number, Application Type, Ward, Status, Date Submitted, Contact Name, Email, and Phone Number

Application Details

To access more detailed information about the application such as upcoming community meetings, detailed application review statuses, and supporting documentation, click on the Application Details button at the bottom of the pop-up.

You will also be able to provide your feedback about an application within the Application Details page while the public consultation period is open.

Activate additional map layers by clicking on the Map Setting button, and selecting one or both check boxes:

  • Ward Layer – displays an overlay of the City’s 25 ward boundaries
  • District Layer – displays an overlay of the City’s 4 Community Council district boundaries

The information displayed is the latest information recorded. Updates to the information will appear throughout the planning process.