Information was presented in May 2015 that included an estimated tree removal count of 349 trees across 26 streets requiring full reconstruction.  The City has reassessed the tree impacts through consideration of specific construction approaches and identified trees that may be preserved.

Each street tree is categorized into one of the following:

  • Not impacted
  • Preserved if possible
  • Removed and replaced.

The estimated tree impacts include 106 trees to be removed and replaced, 247 trees to be preserved if possible, and 848 trees not impacted by construction.

At the next phase of the project, the City will find further opportunities to reduce tree impacts and removals.

  • Narrowing sections of local roads to 6.6 metres.
  • Shifting road alignment.
  • Detail tree removals and retentions on plan drawings.
  • On-site supervision by certified arborists and communication plan during construction.
  • Plan areas for construction access, staging, material storage.
  • Tree protection zone (TPZ) fencing and signage, trunk protection, etc.
  • Examine considerations for root and crown pruning to avoid damage by construction equipment.
  • Examine tunneling vs trenching, grade changes, slope stabilization.

Information Shown on the Drawings

On each drawing below, the construction width required for the recommended road, sewer and/or sidewalk work is shown.

  • Trees are represented by a green circle, sized according to the diameter of the tree trunk.
  • The red circle represents a tree impact zone based on an individual assessment for each tree.
  • Each tree is marked according to where it lies in relation to the construction zone and the impact that construction may have – Not Impacted, Preserved if Possible or Removed and Replaced.