City Planning is continually working to broaden participation in city building. Are you interested in shaping Toronto’s future – how it looks, how it feels, how it moves and the opportunities it provides in terms of jobs and services to its residents? We would like to hear from you.

Here you can find information on how to provide input on proposed development applications, area-based planning studies and policy initiatives. Below is a list of upcoming community consultation events, guidance on how to participate and details on who to contact for further information.

Web links and call in numbers for e-consultation meetings will be posted on the day of the event.

We encourage you to review the materials on this web page, which are intended to help you have a good experience while participating in upcoming consultations.

Thank you for your interest in planning a great city together.


Name File Number Contact Date Webex Meeting Meeting Information

Upcoming Events

TransformTO Implementation Plan 2021-2023 Engagement N/A Sophie Plottel
801 York Mills Road and 1855 Leslie Street Rezoning – Community Consultation Meeting 19 244758 NNY 16 OZ Derrick Wong
1181 Sheppard Avenue East 19 264391 NNY 17 OZ Valeria Maurizio
680-688 Sheppard Avene East 19 248099 NNY 17 OZ Valeria Maurizio
Yonge Street North 11 191325 NPS 00 TM Guy Matthew & Victoria Fusz
Yorkdale Block Master Plan & TMP 17 168973 NNY 15 OZ Guy Matthew
179 – 181 Finch E 18 244784 NNY 23 OZ Doug Stiles
MCR – Citywide N/A Jeff Cantos
St. Clair / Old Weston Local Area Study N/A Steven Dixon
Inclusionary Zoning N/A Christine Ono
Housing Now: Bloor-Kipling, Bloor-Islington sites N/A Annely Zonena
Housing Now – 705 Warden Site N/A Annely Zonena
King-Parliament Seconday Plan N/A Melanie Melnyk
Christie’s N/A Kate Goslett
Jane-Finch Initiative N/A Lillian D’Souza
TOcore Parks and Public Realm Implementation Strategy N/A Heather Oliver
TOcore Monitoring Framework N/A Igor Dragovic
Midtown Zoning Review N/A Cassidy Ritz
Davisville Yard and McBrien Site N/A Cassidy Ritz and Alex Teixeira
Public Realm Implementation Strategy N/A Cassidy Ritz
4097 Lawrence Ave East 19 263719 ESC 24 OZ Teresa Liu
2180 Lawrence Ave East 19 262428 ESC 21 OZ Rod Hines
2740 Lawrence Ave East 19 242173 ESC 31 OZ
19 242185 ESC 21 SB
Rod Hines
411 Victoria Park Ave 19 263629 ESC 20 OZ
19 263636 ESC 20 SB
Rod Hines
Our Scarborough Centre Study 18 103942 EPS 00 TM Kelly Dynes
253 Markham Road, 12, 20, 30 Dunelm Street 16 173545 ESC 36 OZ Jeffery Sinclair
1940 Lawrence Ave E 20 113400 ESC 21 OZ Jeffery Sinclair
320 McCowan Road 20 118393 ESC 20 OZ Francis Kwashie
250 Danforth Road 15 158919 ESC 35 OZ Francis Kwashie
2567 Eglinton Ave E 19 263883 ESC 20 OZ Francis Kwashie
900 Middlefield Road 19 263939 ESC 23 OZ Katrien Darling
6 Dawes Road 19 253476 STE 19 OZ George Pantazis
838 Broadview Avenue 20 133235 STE 14 OZ George Pantazis
2720 Danforth Ave 20 113131 STE 19 OZ George Pantazis
Murphy’s Law: 1684-1702 Queen St. E. 19 242696 STE 19 OZ Colin Wolfe
Danforth Study N/A Paul Mule
Gerrard-Carlaw Study N/A Nader Kadri
1200 Dundas Street West 19 251518 STE 09 SA Patrick Miller
1521 Queen Street West 19 247355 STE 04 OZ Patrick Miller
661-665 Huron St 19 252606 STE 11 OZ Jason Tsang
1485-1525 Yonge Street 19 134851 STE 21 OZ David Driedger
Yorkville Study 17 122803 SPS 00 OZ David Driedger
Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment 260-270 and 274-322 King St. W. Great Gulf Gehry 18 271107 STE 10 OZ Sue McAlpine
544 King Street West 19 253990 STE 10 SA Joanna Kimont
625 Church Street 19 263839 STE 11 OZ Katherine Bailey
2128 Yonge Street 17 274171 STE 22 OZ Katherine Bailey
26 Grenville Street and 27 Grosvenor Street 19 127586 STE 13 OZ
19 127591 STE 13 SA
Katherine Bailey
1601-1603 Bathurst St 19 211934 STE 12 OZ Jason Tsang
75 Ontario St. 19 265929 STE 13 OZ Henry Tang
60 Mill St. 19 264586 STE 13 OZ Henry Tang
49 Ontario St. 19 244188 STE 13 OZ Henry Tang
373 Front St. E. & 90 Mill St. 19 228307 STE 13 OZ Henry Tang
56 Harbord Street 19 259116 STE 11 OZ Paul Johnson
40-56 Harbord Street 20 259116 STE 11 OZ Paul Johnson
78-90 Queen’s Park 19 118245 STE 11 OZ Paul Johnson
1001 Queen St W (CAMH) 20 102415 STE 10 SA Aviva Pelt
315-325 Spadina Avenue 19 195542 STE 11 OZ Mladen Kukic
17 St. Andrew Street 19 232278 STE 11 OZ Mladen Kukic
900 Dufferin Street (Dufferin Mall) 19 184841 STE 09 OZ Carla Tsang
1637-1645 Bathurst Street 18 115438 STE 21 OZ
18 182198 STE 21 RH
Carla Tsang
340-376R Dufferin Street and 2 Melbourne Avenue 19 244664 STE 04 OZ Carla Tsang
3194-3206 Dundas Street West 20 123671 STE 04 OZ Carla Tsang
1540-1550 Bloor St. W. (Giraffe) 19 263422 STE 04 OZ Diane Silver
Mt. Dennis Planning Framework Study 18 161660 WET 11 OZ Natasha Laing
Bloor West Village Avenue Study 17 103255 WPS 00 TM Gregory Byrne
BWV Avenue Study 17 103255 WPS 00 TM Gregory Byrne
375-385 The West Mall 19 252363 WET 02 OZ Gregory Byrne
8015 Locust St., 15 Oxford Dr. 20 113215 WET 05 OZ
20 113222 WET 05 RH
Tony Lieu
900 The East Mall 19 236352 WET 02 OZ Olivia Antonel
1860-1868 Keele St 20 109056 WET 05 OZ
20 109561 WET 05 RH
Gregory Byrne
4-8 Beamish Drive 19 232228 WET 03 OZ Jennifer Renaud
3353 Lake Shore Blvd W 19 252092 WET 03 OZ Jeff Elkow
20 Wallasey Ave 19 263252 WET 07 OZ
19 263255 WET 07 SB
Jeff Elkow
2421 Eglinton Ave W 19 109784 WET 05 OZ Rory McNeil
801 The Queensway 19 260968 WET 03 OZ Rory McNeil
1821-1831 Weston Rd 19 254711 WET 05 OZ Rory McNeil
1306 The Queensway 19 263887 WET 03 OZ Emily Rossini
340 Mill Road 19 191585 WET 02 OZ Tony Lieu
417-419 Burnhamthorpe 19 251103 WET 02 OZ Tony Lieu
150 Sherway Drive 19 264614 WET 03 OZ Elisabeth Silva Stewart Sept 9, 2020
5509 Dundas Street West 18 133602 WET 03 OZ Elisabeth Silva Stewart
Zoning By-law Conformity Review N/A Carola Perez-Book
466 Dovercourt Rd 19 264170 STE 09 OZ Thomas Rees Sept 2, 2020 Register
290 Sheppard Avenue West 19 240165 NNY 18 OZ Stephen Gardiner
1881 Steeles Avenue West 19 262484 NNY 06 OZ Stephen Gardiner
722 Marlee Avenue 20 119614 NNY 08 OZ Seanna Kerr


Guidelines for City Planning Community Meetings

  • One voice at a time. Be direct and frame questions to specific speakers.
  • Be brief and limit yourself to one question or comment at the time, there will be other opportunities to engage.
  • Be a good listener and keep an open mind.
  • Raise hand to ask questions. For the instructions on how to use the “raise hand” function refer to the Participation Guide.
  • Be respectful. City of Toronto is an inclusive public organization. Racist or other forms of discriminatory, prejudicial, or hateful comments and questions will not be tolerated.
  • Engage with high energy, be personable as you would in person!

What if I did not get a chance to ask my question during the meeting?

You can always send your comments and questions to the City Planning Staff or Councillor’s Office after the meeting. The contact information can be found on the notice that was sent to you and on this webpage. A member of the project team will contact you with answers to your questions.

Will the meeting be recorded? How can I have access to the recording?

Yes, the meeting will be recorded. You can visit this webpage or contact the City Planning Staff to access the recording of the meeting.

How will Staff decide the order of participants who ask questions?

When you use the raise hand function, you will be automatically placed in a queue based on the order of who raised their hand first. The Host will unmute and call your name when its your turn to ask your question.
When the Q&A function is available in the meeting, the questions will be answered based on the order in which they were received. The Host will read your questions and may skip the ones that have already been answered.

Instructions for how to log on to meeting with audio only

Review the material in advance

Visit the Study website or City of Toronto Application Information Centre and review the material in advance of the meeting.

Submit comments in advance

Contact the City Planning Staff or the Councillor’s Office and leave detailed comments along with your name and contact information in advance of the meeting, during the meeting and after the meeting. All questions will be shared with the project team and frequently raised questions
received will be read aloud and answered during the session.

Join the meeting by calling in (audio only)

The call-in information will be provided on the day of the meeting.

Retrieve the Phone number and Meeting Number from the website and follow the instruction

  1. Call the local phone number provided.
  2. To continue in English, Press 1 followed by # key.
  3. Enter the Meeting Number followed by # key.
  4. An Attendee ID number is not required to join the meeting. Follow the prompts on the phone to skip the Attendee ID number by pressing # key.
  5. You will be placed into the meeting.
  6. You will be automatically muted upon joining the meeting.


Join the meeting using your Computer

You can use the WebEx link provided on the website to join the meeting both with or without
downloading the WebEx application. Follow the instruction below:

  1. Click on the link provided.
  2. In the event information page, enter your name and email address. Click submit following by Join Now.
  3. You will be directed to a “Run the temporary Webex application” screen. If you do not want to download the WebEx application, Click on “join from your browser”.
    WebEx - Join meeting via browser pop-up (Click the "join from your browser" link)
  4. If you would like to download the WebEx application, click on the downloaded application to install the app. If this is the first time you have used Webex on this computer, a Terms of Service box may also appear. Click “Accept” to enter the meeting.
  5. Next, you will have to choose how to hear. You will be presented with options to set up your audio connection. You must connect a microphone either to your computer or using your phone. You will automatically be muted upon joining the meeting and the host of the meeting will be able to un-mute you when appropriate. Follow the instruction below:Sample window of a WebEx call outlining the options for audio. In this example, "use computer for audio" has been selected
    Audio Option Definition
    a) Call Using Computer
    WebEx will connect to microphone and speakers of your computer (or a headset if one is connected) for the meeting. Using a headset is recommended if one is available to you.
    b) Call Me WebEx will call you and connect to your audio if you provide a phone number. Only use this option if you do not have a headset.
    c) I will Call In WebEx will provide you with a phone number, access code (meeting number) and attendee ID to call into the meeting. You must enter your Attendee ID # when using your option.
    1. Call Using Computer

      WebEx window which shows the various call options, along with the option to change settings for calling using computer

      1. In the Audio Connection pop-up select: Change Settings under Call Using Computer.
      2. Select the speaker option you would like to use for your audio connection. NOTE: If you are using an audio device connected to your laptop (USB headset or headphones with a microphone) they must be connected prior to entering the hearing.
      3. Select your microphone option from the drop-down list. NOTE: Do not turn off.
      4. Click on OK.
    2. Call me

      1. In the Audio Connection pop-up, select: Call Me.WebEx window which shows the option to select "Call me at a different number"
      2. Confirm the country code selected is for Canada +1.
      3. Enter the area code and phone number of the phone you would like to use for the meeting.
      4. Confirm Join the teleconference without pressing “1” is selected.
      5. Click on Connect Audio.
      6. You will receive a phone call from Webex, answer the call.
      7. NOTE: Phone calls will usually be from American phone numbers.
        Webex will immediately identify themselves at the beginning of the call and connect you to the audio portion of the meeting.
    3. I will Call In

      1. In the Audio Connection pop up select: I Will Call In.WebEx windows showing the call-in option, along with the call-in number.
      2. From the phone you would like to use for the meeting call the local phone number.
      3. You will be prompted to select a language, for English enter 1#.
      4. Enter the Access Code followed by #.
      5. Enter your Attendee ID followed by #, Webex will connect you to the audio portion of the meeting.
  6. You will be able to change the audio setting at anytime during the meeting by clicking on the audio connection button and choosing one of the other options. For optimal sound quality and connectivity, we recommend the “Call Me” option for audio connections.

You can join using the Webex App available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Follow the steps below to join a meeting.

  • Download the app from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Upon completion, open the app and click on Join Meeting.
  • Enter the Meeting ID number.
  • Enter Your name and email address and click join.

Instructions for how to participating during the meeting including raise hand and ask questions.

Submit comments

You can still submit your comments and questions during the meeting period by emailing the City Planning Staff and Councillor’s Office. Your questions and comments will be shared with the project team and relevant staff will contact you with answers to your questions after the meeting. Ensure you leave a detailed question or comment as well as your name and your contact information.

Ask questions during the meeting – for participants using WebEx

All participants are shown in Webex as either “Panelists” (City Staff and project team) or “Attendees” (members of public).

During the meeting, staff will be the Host and Presenter in Webex coordinating all of the Webex functions in the background. As an “Attendee” in Webex, you are automatically muted upon entering the meeting and the Host can unmute you when you can ask your question. You will be muted again you once your question is asked. The Presenter will share their screen in Webex to display supporting materials when required. You will not be visible during the meeting.

You can ask your questions using the “Raise Hand” functionality of the WebEx app. Follow the instruction below:

Via the internet browser:
Click the “” button at the bottom of the video window and select raise hand.

WebEx window showing the button to click on to reveal with "raise hand" option to ask a question

Via the Webex App on the computer:

Open the Participants panel by clicking the Participants button at the bottom of the video window. The Participants panel will open to the right. Click the raise hand button at the bottom right of the Participants panel.

WebEx window showing the button to click on to reveal with "raise hand" option to ask a question on the desktop application

Via the Smart Phone App:
Click on the Participants panel button at the top left of the screen. Click on the raise hand icon at the bottom of the panel.

Example of a WebEx window on a tablet device showing the option to "Raise a Hand"

Via the Tablet App:
Click on the Participants panel button at the bottom of the screen. Click the raise hand button at the bottom right.

Example of a WebEx window on a tablet device showing the option to "Raise a Hand"

What happens when you raise your hand?

  • Once your hand is raised, your name will be placed into a queue, and the Host will see that your hand is raised.
  • The Host will select and individually unmute participants with their hand raised by announcing their name.
  • When you are selected and unmuted, you will hear two beeps. Ask the team your question.
  • The Host will re-mute you after you’ve asked your question. You will hear one beep.
  • The project team will answer your questions verbally.
  • Please remember to lower your hand after your question.
  • When you are given the chance to speak, please ensure your behavior adheres to the Code of Conduct guidelines.

Changing Your View in Your Hearing

You can change your view to either the active speaker or grid view. You can find these buttons in the top right corner by hovering your mouse. It is recommended to put your screen on the Grid mode. When material is shared it will automatically be switched to the Active Speaker mode.

An image of a WebEx window which shows additional functions: active speaker view, thumbnail view, full screen view, and grid view

Using the Q&A function when available

If you are joining via the internet browser or WebEx App on your computer: click the “…” button at the bottom of the video window and select “Q&A”. Type your question in the box to the lower right hand of your screen. Click Send or Send Privately. Only staff will be able to see your questions.

If you are joining on a smartphone or tablet: click the “…” button at the bottom of your screen and select “Q&A”. Type your question in the box and click Send. Only staff will be able to see your questions.

WebEx functions window which demonstrates how to enable the Q&A options. First click on the "more options" icon, and select Q&A. The window will switch allowing you to enter your question.